What is your wall on Facebook?

What is your wall on Facebook?

A Facebook wall is a section of a profile or page where friends and "fans" may write their ideas, opinions, or complaints for all to see. There are three viewing options for walls: user + others, just the user, and just others. These options can be altered by selecting "filters" at the top of the wall. Users can also hide their wall through the "settings" option.

The wall was originally designed to allow students to post comments about a course or class they were taking. However, it has since become popular among celebrities to display this information with those who "like" their page having access to this area of the profile. Businesses have also used walls to announce new products, events, etc.

Walls have been used extensively by teachers to communicate with their classes. Parents have used them as well; for example, a parent might post news about a sick child on the wall so that other parents will know about it. Finally, organizations have used walls for fundraising purposes (e.g., a cancer foundation) or to obtain feedback from users (e.g., a hotel chain that wants to know which rooms people prefer).

Walls are usually displayed in the user's "cover" or "profile" image area. However, they can also be placed in a separate section of the profile called "Walls".

Users can customize their walls through the use of "likes" and "comments".

Can you restrict who can see your Facebook wall?

However, as your page grows, there may be moments when you wish to restrict access to your wall. In your Privacy Settings, you may choose who can view your wall by selecting specific contacts or groups of contacts and allowing them access. Users who are not listed on Facebook will see a blank wall. They can click the "Not Me" link to request access to your page.

How can I change who sees my Facebook wall?

1. Launch Facebook and log in. A wedge-shaped, downward-pointing arrow may be found on the right side of the menu bar at the top of the page. This enables you to control who sees your wall. 3. To add or remove people from your list of those who can see your wall, click their names. The people on this list will be able to see anything that you post on your wall.

Can you post comments on someone else’s Facebook wall?

Here's how to write a comment on someone else's Facebook wall without anybody else seeing it, either your friends or theirs (unless you choose that they do too). You may use this approach to publish photographs, movies, and anything else you want, but it will only be accessible to them and you. If you want others to see it, make it available for all to read.

To post a comment on another user's wall, you must first become a "friend" of their page. Then, when you want to post a comment, click the little arrow in the top-right corner of the screen; then select the option that says "Comment on this photo". Finally, type your comment into the text box provided and press enter.

Your comment will appear immediately below the photo on their wall, and they will also receive an email notification that you have commented on their picture.

You can also send messages to other users' walls. These will display in the same way as regular posts, with the exception that only those users who are your friends will be able to read them.

It is important to note that while you can create content for others' visibility, they can delete it at any time. Thus, anything you post on their wall could disappear at any moment, which is why it is important to keep things PG-13 here on Facebook!

Is Facebook's wall and timeline the same thing?

A timeline [formerly known as the wall] is a section of a Facebook profile, page, or group where users may publish messages for others to read. When you visit a Facebook page, you are sent to the timeline. To see your friend's list of posts on the page, click their name at the top of the screen.

Users can control what appears on their timeline by editing their privacy settings. Users can prevent other people from including them in their timelines by not checking the "Allow this person to add me as a friend" box. Users can also limit which categories of information about themselves will be displayed on their timeline. For example, they can choose whether or not to show their relationship status on their timeline.

Facebook profiles consist of several pieces of information about the user. On most profiles, these pieces of information are presented in a single column on the left side of the screen. However, some users may prefer to divide this information into multiple columns, similar to a newspaper. Such profiles are called "tablified" profiles. You can switch to a tablified layout by clicking the "i" icon next to the "Friends" label. From there on out, everything on the profile will be divided into sections; you can go back to a regular list by clicking the "a" icon next to the "What are your interests?" label.

How does a Facebook account work?

Individuals and companies may use Facebook to share information, photos, and videos, as well as connect with one another. Facebook users can: access the profiles of other users, either partially or completely; (each Facebook user controls the privacy settings of their profile, deciding how much is visible to other users). Create pages for businesses, organizations, and public figures; send messages to other users' walls; and post comments on those pages or articles. Users can also use Facebook tools to collect information about users' interests, demographics, and browsing habits, which marketers can then use to target advertising.

What are the differences between a Twitter account and a Facebook account? A Twitter account is similar to a Facebook account in that it allows you to post updates (called tweets) about what you are doing or thinking. However, a Twitter account is more limited in what it can do. You can only include 140 characters per tweet, for example, whereas Facebook posts can be longer. Also, while you can follow others' tweets, Facebook lets you follow others' activities, such as their albums on Flickr or their groups on Google+.

Why should I set up a Facebook account? Using Facebook can be useful for keeping in touch with friends and family members who are not near you, finding out what's going on in their lives, and learning about new things happening around the world. People use Facebook to communicate with each other, find partners for relationships, promote themselves, businesses, and causes they believe in.

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