What is included with Coursera Plus?

What is included with Coursera Plus?

With Coursera Plus, you can invest in your professional ambitions. Get unrestricted access to more than 90% of Coursera's courses, guided projects, specializations, and professional credentials, delivered by renowned teachers from premier institutions and corporations. All courses are available free of charge.

Take control of your learning experience. Learn at your own pace with course videos, quizzes, and interactive elements. You can also discuss topics with other students and professors via the discussion forum. With Coursera Plus, there are no deadlines for completion of your projects or certificates.

Earn official recognition for your skills and expertise. Transform your profile on Coursera with specialized badges, profiles, and more. Be identified as a leader in your field with prestigious awards given out annually by Coursera.

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What is the difference between Coursera and Coursera Plus?

Coursera provides certification programs in addition to individual courses. Coursera Plus is a $499-per-year membership that grants learners access to nearly every course on the site, as well as several credentials. On their website, you can find a complete list of course providers that are part of the program. These include institutions such as Stanford University, MIT, and UC Berkeley.

Certifications that are offered through Coursera include: Data Science Master's Degree, Financial Engineering Masters Degree, Computer Science Master's Degree, and many more. Each degree features content from multiple courses from various providers. For example, the Data Science Master's Degree is made up of courses from both UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

Additionally, there are several credentials available through Coursera. These include certificates for courses completed within the platform, as well as professional qualifications such as those from the Global Alliance for Education Through Technology.

Finally, Coursera offers a free service called "One Month of Learning." This service allows users to take any course for free during this period. If they decide to continue learning after one month, they have the option of paying a fee of $19.99 per month or $149.88 annually.

Courses and providers that are featured on Coursera are chosen by the company and each one has its own terms and conditions.

Do Coursera certificates mean anything?

Individualized instruction Coursera provides hundreds of courses on a wide range of topics. The nicest part about taking a single course on Coursera is that there are hundreds of them available for free. A course certificate is an official document that verifies that you finished the course satisfactorily. These documents are recognized nationwide.

Certificates can be applied toward future courses at many universities. They also help students prove their competence to employers and others who require proof of training. These documents are useful especially if you want to show that you have met specific requirements to qualify for a license or certification. There are two types of Coursera certificates: completion certificates and milestone certificates. Completion certificates are issued once you complete all the assignments in a course. Milestone certificates are issued after you complete certain pre-defined tasks or milestones in the course. Both completion and milestone certificates expire after one year. You can renew them if you want to continue earning credit towards your degree.

Coursera offers several different ways for you to earn certificate programs. You can either take all online classes offered by various teachers, or you can choose to take classes from only one teacher per subject. When you register for a course, you will be able to select which method you would like to use to receive your certificate. Teachers may offer other methods such as live seminars or virtual classrooms where you can talk with other students and teachers via internet video conferencing tools.

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