What is Devoes's IQ?

What is Devoes's IQ?

Clifford DeVoe is without a doubt the wisest person in the Arrowverse. Starting about IQ 1000, we can observe that this does not accurately represent DeVoe's IQ. Since we can see that he is around 10 times wiser than the Council of Wells combined, we may estimate that he is worth around 30,000. This makes him the most valuable person in the Arrowverse.

His IQ was measured at an impressive 3000-3500 on several occasions during the years he spent at Starling City University. However, since he usually uses his wisdom to help others rather than test it out himself, we may assume that his actual IQ is much higher.

In "Fallout," it is revealed that Clifford has been living in a bunker for the past ten years after the death of Oliver Queen. It is possible that he has increased his IQ even further through genetic evolution or brainwashing techniques. He also has access to unlimited supplies of food and medicine that no ordinary person would have in their bunker. It is likely that he used his time to study other intelligent people and their ways so that he could improve himself and become more wise.

In conclusion, we may assume that Clifford DeVoe has an extremely high IQ that has probably increased over time due to his experience as well as personal development.

What is Clifford Devoe’s IQ?

This makes him one of the most expensive fools in history.

His intelligence seems to have improved over time. By the age of 50, it had increased by 20 points to 130, which is very high for a human being. His mind also appears to be unique among those who have been tested; there are no signs of other humans with enhanced brains like himself.

Clifford Devoe was born on August 4th, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois. He was raised by his parents, who were both teachers at a small private school in Dallas, Texas. When he was nine years old, his father died from cancer. This must have caused great hardship for Devoe, who was only young when he lost his father. However, despite this tragedy, he did not lose hope and continued pursuing his dreams. One can say that he was very resilient.

After his father's death, Devoe's mother moved to San Francisco, California to look for work as a teacher. Unfortunately, she could not find any jobs in the city so they had to live off of her savings. This made Clifford feel helpless and he wanted to do something important with his life.

What is Dumbledore’s IQ?

An IQ of 160 is widely regarded as the "genius" level. Dumbledore is a genius in his own right. However, no one knows for certain how many points he was awarded at birth because he never talked about it. He may have been born with an extremely high IQ, or he may have acquired it through training and education. Whatever the case may be, he clearly had a profound effect on academia throughout the world.

Dumbledore's IQ has come up in several articles and books related to Harry Potter. In an article written when the first book in the series was released, John Granger said that he hoped Dumbledore would not turn out to be just another smart man who failed to use his intelligence to improve his life. Later, in a book about famous wizards, Peter Haining wrote that Dumbledore was probably the most brilliant wizard of all time.

The latest book about Harry Potter characters is called Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. In this book, author Elliott Sober says that Dumbledore is one of the few people who meet both the requirements for being a genius. First, they must possess an IQ of 160 or higher. Second, they must also use their IQ to help others rather than themselves. Sober writes that only two people meet these criteria: Einstein and Dumbledore.

What is Dr. Watson’s IQ?

He is not a genius with a 145+ IQ (the minimal figure usually agreed upon for someone to be classed as a "genius"), but he appears brighter than most, probably just short of being categorized as "gifted" (130+ IQ). He is also very intelligent, extremely observant, and has a photographic memory.

His IQ was tested by the psychologist John William Carver when it was discovered that Sherlock Holmes needed an assistant. Since then, it has been estimated to lie between 140 and 160. It should be noted that the average IQ around the world is 100, so Mr. Watson is in the top 1% of the population.

Sherlock uses his brain all the time to come up with strategies to solve crimes. He also reads many books on various subjects which helps him in his work. So, yes, Mr. Watson's IQ has much to do with why he is so successful at his job.

There are only three people in the entire world who have ever scored higher than 130 on an IQ test: Stephen Hawking, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin. Only two other people have scored above 120: Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Therefore, it can be said that Watson is in the same league as these two amazing men!

In addition to being intelligent, Mr. Watson has other great qualities.

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