What is a "White Widow" in Italy?

What is a "White Widow" in Italy?

Aliano, 42, is one of the ladies known as "white widows" in the Italian south. They are the wives who were left behind after their husbands moved to Northern Europe or Northern Italy. They are not free to hunt for a husband, unlike true widows, because they are already married. If they did find someone, it would be illegal because they would be taken away from their families without permission.

Southern Italians refer to them as "sposi del sud" which means "husbands from the south". They live separate lives and only meet once a year at Christmas time. They have no contact with their families except for when they send money home to support them.

The white widow phenomenon started many years ago when English soldiers returned from World War II and looked for marriage partners among the women waiting for them. Some of these marriages turned out badly and the women were left alone with no way to earn a living. This situation created opportunities for some women to make some extra cash by selling their bodies.

In recent years, the number of white widows has decreased because South Americans are coming into town looking for work and marrying local women instead. These marriages often end in divorce when the worker goes back to his country of origin, but at least she got married.

There are still quite a few white widows in Italy today.

What is the name of the family in Rome?

When she and another maid, Adela, are together, they speak Mixtec, but when the family is together, they speak Spanish: matriarch Sofia, her husband, Antonio, her mother, Teresa, and their four small children. Matriarch Sofia was a priest's wife before marrying Antonio, who owns several restaurants in Mexico City.

Sofia and Teresa were both born in Mexico City, but they grew up in different parts of Spain because their parents worked for different people. When they were young girls, their families moved to Rome where they lived on the third floor of a building in one of the city's poor neighborhoods. Their father died when Sofia was still a child and their mother could not work because she had no money or social security number. So Sofia started working at an early age to help support her family.

In order to pay for their living expenses, Sofia and Antonio opened several restaurants in Mexico City. But because of the country's high inflation rate, they had to close many of them before finding success in one that sold Mexican food. This restaurant became so popular that it made them rich enough to live well and raise their family in peace. They have been doing this for more than twenty years now.

Teresa's family didn't have much money when she was growing up so she spent most of her time with her grandmother.

What nationality is Camilla Belle?

Allampolgarsag Camilla Belle Amerikai Nő.

Camilla Belle, also known as Camila Belle Belém, is a Brazilian actress. She is best known for her role as Ivy Franklin in the 2007 film The Princess of Egypt. Her mother is African American and her father is French.

She was born on April 2, 1992 in São Paulo. Her parents were both professionals: her mother was a school teacher and her father was a bank employee. She has one sister named Ana Beatriz who is two years her senior.

When Camilla was five years old, her family moved to Paris where she grew up among other children of immigrants from different countries including India, Poland, and Turkey. She returned to Brazil when she was 18 to finish high school. After that, she moved back to Paris to study at the Cours Florent theater school.

Her first role was in the 2004 movie A Prince Among Thieves. She played the part of Rosalie, the daughter of an Italian gangster. That same year, she appeared in another movie called The Daughter's War.

What are antonyms for "widow"?

What is the antonym for "widow"?

WGTOWunmarried woman
woman going her own way

What does "widow in a relationship" mean?

If you know someone whose spouse or wife has died, that individual is said to be widowed. A male who has lost his or her spouse is referred to as a widower, while a woman is referred to as a widow. If their partners are no longer living, both men and women might be classified as widowed. In modern usage, the term widow can also apply to a female who is not married, such as an unmarried mother or older virgin.

In English law, there is no legal distinction between a husband and a wife. Therefore, if one's spouse dies, without making any provision for another marriage, he or she will be declared legally dead, with all rights including inheritance of property being transferred to other people. Because a husband and wife have only one identity under British law, they are therefore also one-half of a whole person (or one-third if you count children as two-thirds). For this reason, it is common for widowers and widows to be described as single persons. Although it is possible to remarry after being widowed, many people choose not to do so.

In North America, the word widow is usually used to describe a female who has just lost her husband. However, in some countries such as Canada and Mexico, the word widow is used more broadly to include any female who is not currently married. In contrast, the term widower is used exclusively to describe a male who has just lost his wife or partner.

What do you call an unmarried woman in Italy?

Signorina is an unmarried woman's courtesy title in Italian; it can be used alone or before a name. Spinster—an older unmarried lady. Woman: a female adult (as opposed to a man); "while the guy hunted, the woman tended house."

Il signorino is an unmarried boy's title meaning "young gentleman"; it can be used alone or before a name. It's similar to the German Edelmann and English nobleman titles.

The term for an unmarried man is uomo senza spose; its formal equivalent is estero. Esteri is the word for "spouse" in Italian. A married man is called coniuge; a widow, veglia.

Tutore means "tutor" or "protector," but it can also mean "guardian." Giudice means "judge" but it can also mean "advisor."

In American English, the word bachelor is used to describe an unmarried man or boy. In British English, however, the word bachelor applies only to men who have not taken vows of chastity in religious orders. A bachelorette is a woman who seeks information about potential spouses through phone interviews and other means prior to choosing a husband from the group of eligible men.

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