What is a sense of achievement?

What is a sense of achievement?

A sense of accomplishment upon having completed something tough and good. He had a great feeling of accomplishment after repairing the automobile on his own.

Sense of accomplishment can also mean a feeling of success or pride after doing well in a situation related to competition or awards. She felt proud of her team for placing first in the race. The athlete's sense of accomplishment was high after winning the game.

Sense of accomplishment can also be used as a noun, it means a feeling of success or pride after doing well in a situation related to competition or awards. Her team kept on inspiring her with their performances at the games, which made her feel more confident about the future.

Finally, sense of accomplishment can also be used as a verb, it means to inspire someone with your performance at a competition or event and make them feel successful or proud.

Examples: His determination to repair the car by himself gave him a big sense of accomplishment. She always wanted to win but once she saw her teammates winning all the races, it made her feel proud of them. At the Olympics, an athlete's sense of accomplishment is high when they win a medal.

What is an example of a personal accomplishment?

After 10 years of struggle, you were able to purchase a home for your family. This is also a personal achievement because it was completed by you. You assisted someone who was studying for an exam, and he eventually passed with flying colors. It is also your accomplishment because you worked hard on it. Any successful project that has been completed by you contains elements of both your skills and resources.

You can also consider spending time with your family as a personal accomplishment. Even if you work in an office all day long, have a busy life, and don't have much time to spend with your children or spouse, it's still possible. The more you are able to put yourself aside and focus on them, the more rewards you will receive.

For example, if you have a child who is sick in bed while you're at work, this is time you're spending with him or her that isn't spent at other times of the day. You're fulfilling your role as a parent by taking care of him or her when they need you most. This is also a personal achievement.

Spending time with friends and family is another example of a personal accomplishment. Even if you don't have any time to spend with them, you should make an effort anyway. Call your best friend every week even if it's for only 20 minutes. Send them email messages sometimes just to say hello and let them know you're thinking about them.

What do "accomplishments" mean?

The act or event of completing something: completion, goal achievement, a sense of success. 2: something accomplished: accomplishment Her family is quite proud of her academic achievements. This is a wonderful accomplishment.

Acquiring knowledge and skills; doing something well: an accomplishment in itself. 3: an important step toward fulfillment of a purpose or goal: an accomplishment for which one can be grateful. 4: a notable deed or piece of work: an accomplishment beyond your expectations. 5: an impressive or successful effort: an accomplishment that many people could not have done.

A thing that has been completed; a product or service delivered or provided: an accomplishment account After we paid for our order we were given an accomplishment certificate.

An act or instance of achieving something: an accomplishment drive The school district's plan to improve student performance through better training of teachers is an excellent idea.

A formal acknowledgment of some right or privilege: a legal document signed by both parties acknowledging their agreement of its terms. This process should not take more than two weeks since there are only four cases on the docket this month.

Something gained or lost: a game where you try to gain points by accomplishing tasks in certain ways You can win points by clicking on buttons on the screen.

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