What is a "poly one"?

What is a "poly one"?

A person who is marked by unwavering optimism and a proclivity to see the positive in everything. A dear friend of mine... Also, the brand name for one million volt wire used to control electric lights.

According to Wikipedia, a polyvolt is a type of power line that uses solid metal conductors instead of insulated wires. The term is used by companies that sell metal-clad cable, such as Polyvolt International, Inc. A polyvolt cable is designed for use with high voltage direct current (HVDC) systems. It provides efficient transmission of electricity over long distances, without the need for frequent reconnection of wires.

In terms of wiring technology, a polyvolt system requires fewer conductors than a conventional HVAC system because each segment of pipe serves as its own ground. Therefore, polyvolt systems can use much thinner wire than other systems due to less chance of electrical interference from adjacent properties using different electrical service providers. Thicker wire is needed in HVAC systems where many circuits are carried on one conductor body.

What does "Polly Annish" mean?

A person who is overly or persistently positive. Forms derived from this name include Pollyanna and Pandora.

Polly Annish was the pen name of American author Eleanor H. Porter. The story behind her famous pseudonym is quite interesting. When she first started writing, she had no intention of creating a character named after herself. But when her first novel was accepted by a publisher, she decided to keep the name for her fictional heroine.

She wrote two more novels under this name but then changed her mind and decided to abandon it. However, another writer who had read her work asked if she could use the character in a story he was working on. This time Polly Annish agreed because she wanted to see what would happen to her character after all these years. The new book was published under the name "Pollyanna" and since then, this version of the character has taken over as the one most people know today.

Porter was born in Ohio in 1836. She married at age 19 and moved to Illinois where her husband took a job with the railroad company. In 1857, the couple returned to Ohio where their only child was born the next year.

What does "being a Pollyanna" mean?

Pollyanna syndrome, named after a book of the same name, refers to "an overly or foolishly optimistic individual." Such attitudes are explored in terms of their incidence and hazard in psychotherapy. Such attitudes can exist in both patients and therapists. In some cases they may even lead to a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy whereby the individual allows their positive expectations to be met, only for this to make them even happier! Being a Pollyanna means that you have an overactive sense of hope. You expect good things to happen, so when they do you feel very pleased.

Being a Pollyanna is quite a useful thing to be if you want to get on in life. It's what helps people who are going through hard times keep hold of their hopes and stay positive. But it can also be one reason why some people find it difficult to cope with the negative aspects of life - because they're not used to seeing the glass as half full rather than half empty. They might see nothing but bad things happening to other people, but then someone manages to beat the odds and come out okay, which gives them hope that they could do the same thing too if they put their mind to it.

The word "Pollyanna" comes from a character in Louisa May Alcott's 1868 novel, A Pleasant Way Through Life.

Is Pollyanna a true story?

Pollyanna is most likely the most misunderstood fictional figure in twentieth-century American literature. Most people associate Pollyanna with an excessively cheerful goody-goody who fails to recognize the hard realities of life. However, as this synopsis from Goodreads shows, L. Frank Baum's novel contains many other themes besides optimism which make it more complex than that.

Pollyanna was born on April 2nd, 1864 in Morristown, New Jersey. Her father was a successful attorney who moved the family to Chicago when Pollyanna was eight years old so he could take over as mayor. She had a happy childhood and was educated at home by private tutors until she was 16 years old. When her father died, she went back to live with her mother in Chicago but they soon argued a lot and she moved out again. She lived with several relatives and then entered a fashionable finishing school where she learned how to cook and sew.

When she was 19, Pollyanna married William Andrew Darley, who worked as an accountant for a railroad company. They had one son together but divorced two years later. After that, she decided to go travel around the United States and visit all the famous places. First, she went to California where she met some friends from back home and then continued east.

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