What if Vegeta was female?

What if Vegeta was female?

Princess Vegeta is a feminist role model. If Vegeta had been a girl, he would have been chastised for being a "sexist, misogynistic, chauvinistic pig" under Akira Toriyama's fundamental concept of "Goku is the best; Goku # 1."

Vegeta has been criticized for his violence and sexual harassment toward many characters, most notably Princess Kannon. But these attacks are never taken seriously because everyone knows that he means no harm with his violence and that any real woman would be able to handle him knowing his true nature.

Vegeta has also been accused of sexism himself for using his power to support women, especially when they're not even women themselves but animals or even objects. But these accusations are also usually dismissed as ridiculous since nobody in the universe is stupid enough to think that Vegeta is sexist. He uses his power this way because it's the only thing he can do to help those who need it.

As for whether or not Princess Vegeta should use her power too... That's up to her! She's free to use her energy whenever she wants including fighting crime, destroying planets, and even mating! The only thing that stops her is if she runs out of energy which usually happens when she uses her power too much. But even then, there are always regenerative powers around that can be used to recover from her injuries.

Is Vegeta the most badass character?

Vegeta. Vegeta is an anime character from the Dragon Ball Z anime series created by Akira Toriyam. He is always thought to be arrogant, forceful, determined, volatile, and tough. Badass Vegeta is one of the most well-known badass anime characters.

He has been called many things over the years including "God's Ultimate Weapon" and "The True King of Saiyans". However, what truly makes Vegeta a badass is his ability to learn from his mistakes and grow as a person which leads him to become one of the greatest heroes in manga and anime history.

Vegeta was born on Earth as the only son of a wealthy vegetable farmer named Vegeta. His father expected him to take over the family business but instead, he decided to follow his own path in life. This didn't go over too well with his father who then decided to kill himself by exploding. This caused Vegeta to leave home for good to pursue his dreams of being a fighter pilot like Goku.

Over time, Vegeta trained hard to become a great fighter like Goku leading up to when he met the latter for the first time. They ended up having to fight each other because of some old enemies who wanted to see them destroy each other. However, thanks to some help from Picollo, a mysterious man who knew about their past battles, they were able to work out their differences and become friends.

What kind of person is Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

Vegeta was a narcissist and a sociopath, not to mention he was attractive. He's strong, has an attitude, and, like her, is clever. Oh, and he's well-known. He's a king's son (or a king, as some people put it). She, like many of the Dragon Ball heroes, is underdeveloped. Loading...

When did Vegeta first appear in Dragon Ball Z?

Bezita (Hepburn: Bejita) is a fictional character in Akira Toriyama's Dragon Ball manga series. Vegeta initially appears in Sayonara, Son Goku (sayounaraSun Wu Kong, Sayonara Son Goku), published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on November 7, 1988, when he seeks the wish-granting Dragon Balls in order to obtain immortality. He succeeds in doing so but decides not to use this power because he does not want to become like God. Instead, he chooses to spend his time with Earth's youth as a superhero named "Vegeta".

He appears again in Dead Zone: A Story of Survival and Resistance, which takes place one year after the end of Dragon Ball Z. Here, it is revealed that Vegeta has become immortal due to the fact that he used all seven Dragon Balls in the story arc. It also reveals that he has been living on Earth ever since deciding not to use his power for greatness.

In addition to his appearance in Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has made cameo appearances in other titles related to the series. These include: Dragon Ball GT where he appears as a main character similar to Son Goku; Dragon Ball Kai where he is one of the original 17 heroes who battle against Cell; and Dragon Ball Super where he makes an appearance as one of the characters from the Dead Zone taking place one year after the end of Dragon Ball Z.

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