What happens when I restrict someone on Instagram?

What happens when I restrict someone on Instagram?

If you opt to "restrict" someone on your page, any subsequent comments from that person will become invisible to the rest of the public. You can accept individual comments from the aforementioned individual on your page if you like. However, all other commenters will not be able to see those messages.

How do I remove a photo from my Instagram story?

To delete a photo from your story, simply hover over the photo in your story and click the red button that appears. This will remove the photo from your story and hide it from future stories you upload.

How do I delete a comment on Instagram?

To delete a comment, simply hover over the comment in question and click the red button that appears. This will remove the comment from your timeline and hide it from future views. After deleting a comment, its original author will still be able to view it through their browser history.

Does restricting on Instagram hide likes?

If a user chooses to limit a certain person, all of their future comments will be hidden from the public. This only applies to comments on postings restricted by the person who limited them. The user can also opt to approve the comments in order for them to be accessible to all users.

What does restricting an account do?

According to a new Instagram blog post released today, Restrict ensures that "comments on your photos from an user you have restricted will only be seen to that person." According to Instagram, any effort to send a direct message will result in a message request, and notifications will not be sent.

Restricting someone's account means that they cannot view your posts unless they are logged into their account. They also won't receive notification emails for comments made on their photos. If you want to limit what someone can see but still allow them to engage with your content, consider setting up a private community.

What happens when you hide a comment on Instagram?

What happens when an Instagram remark is hidden? When someone you've limited writes a comment on your post, only you and the person who posted the remark will be able to see it. If you click on the remark, you will be able to read it and then choose whether or not you want it to appear in your Instagram feed. If you choose not to share it, that user won't be able to see their comment on your photo/video anymore.

Instagram comments work just like comments on any other social media site. Users can write something under another user's photo/video and it'll show up below the post. Other users can then read the comment and reply if they wish. In order for your comment to appear, you have to give permission by clicking "allow" next to the comment box. Otherwise, it won't be visible to others.

Here are some examples of what might happen if you hid a comment:

If you hide a comment made on a photo/video, the person who posted the image will still be able to see it but others won't. To hide a comment, simply hover over it with the mouse pointer and click the "x" icon that appears. This will make the comment invisible to others but it won't remove it from the photo/video itself.

Hiding comments is useful if you don't want others to know about a certain subject.

Is there a way to block comments on Instagram?

Unfortunately, even if you enable the "Hide Offensive Comments" button, not all of the comments you receive on your articles will be worthwhile. If this occurs, you can flag the comment as spam, a scam, or abusive material and prohibit the users from commenting or mentioning you in the future.

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