What happens to your Facebook account information when you delete it?

What happens to your Facebook account information when you delete it?

Facebook can't access this information proactively once you've started the deletion process, but it's theoretically still in their system for up to 90 days as it's being removed from their servers. After that time has passed, they would need a legal subpoena or other appropriate request to re-acquire your data.

In addition to removing your data from their servers, Facebook also used to allow users to delete their accounts directly through their website, but that option was taken away in October 2009. Instead, users must now send an email requesting that their account be deleted; then Facebook will remove all information about the user including any albums they have posted photos into, comments on other people's posts, and any other content they may have added while using the site.

Users cannot recover their deleted account information, but Facebook does offer some alternatives if you want to avoid deleting your account entirely. For example, you can download a copy of all your information from the "Download Your Information" page. This file is stored in XML format and contains details about everything you did on Facebook along with your friends' information.

What happens when you delete a post from Facebook?

When you delete something you've posted on Facebook, it's erased from your account for good. We are unable to recover this deleted material since it has been erased from our servers and backup systems. However, if you have copies of the content where it has not been altered or modified in any way, we recommend that you keep these files.

In addition, if you send us content that you want to be removed from your profile, we will remove it immediately.

Here's how to delete a post: Open the Facebook page that contains the post you want to delete. Click on the three horizontal lines in the top-right corner of the post. This will open up a menu. Select "Delete Post". The post is now gone!

How long after deactivating Facebook does it delete the page?

After the 30-day time expires, your account and all of your data will be permanently wiped, and you will be unable to recover it. According to Facebook's Help Center, it might take up to 90 days from the start of the deletion process to erase anything you've shared. Your personal information may remain stored by third parties, however.

Why is my Facebook account still visible to friends after deleting it?

Facebook has had data breaches, privacy violations, and disinformation difficulties. Facebook now guarantees to erase all deleted accounts within 90 days and to prevent access to the accounts during that period. However, some people may still be able to access their information. Here's how.

Sometimes when you delete your Facebook account, it tells other users that someone else is using your account. In this case, those other users can see what items you have posted while using your account and they can send messages to or post things on your page. Even if you delete your account, users can also find your email address through your phone number or IP address. Then they can send you messages or post comments on your page.

In addition, employees of Facebook and other social media companies have access to your information. They can view your personal information if they are involved in legal proceedings or investigations or to protect Facebook's interests.

At times of major events, such as a celebrity death or scandal, old accounts may be reactivated without notice. You can also sign up for updates via email or mobile device text message.

Can you delete your browsing history on Facebook?

The browser history data that Facebook obtains on us when we visit other websites will not be erased from Facebook's servers. As privacy experts have pointed out, you will not be able to remove that data, but you will be given new tools to manage it. In addition, deleting your Facebook account will not clear your history from the sites you've visited.

How long does Facebook keep deleted accounts?

(According to Facebook, you'll need to contact those sites to set up a new login.) You'll have a 30-day chance to alter your mind after deleting your Facebook account. After 30 days, all of your information will be completely destroyed and unavailable.

If you don't want anyone to know that you used to have this account or if you simply delete your account without logging out first, then you should clear your browser's cache and cookies. This will make sure that your past actions are not visible when you log in again.

Some things to note: If you delete your account but don't log out of other apps that you use with Facebook (such as Instagram), then those apps may still think you're logged in so they can continue to post updates for you. Also, if you forget to log out before deleting your account, other people who use the same computer as you could end up posting using your account. They would need access to your email address to do this though; so if it isn't public, there's no way someone could use it.

Finally, Facebook has an option known as "Archive your deactivated accounts". When you use this feature, everything from your profile picture to your messages will be preserved for up to one year by default. You can extend this period if you want to archive more than one account.

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