What does the "bane" meme mean?

What does the "bane" meme mean?

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Why does Bane speak like that?

Early reports about Bane, as played by Tom Hardy in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, suggested that the villain didn't speak very properly. As in, no one could understand what he was saying, so Nolan changed the sound mix to make Bane more understandable.

Bane's voice is provided by Welsh actor Iain Glen. According to Glen, who plays Bane, his character has a "non-human" origin and speaks with an alien accent because he comes from a race of people who speak this way.

In addition, it's been reported that when asked how he managed to get such a deep voice while wearing a mask, Glen replied: "I grunted."

Bane first appeared in Batman Begins (2005). At the time, he was portrayed as a powerful but naive man who wanted to bring down the Batman so that he could destroy the other criminal gangs in Gotham City. He eventually turns out to be Bruce Wayne's nemesis, who calls himself Ra's al Ghul after leaving prison. After being defeated by Batman at the end of Batman Begins, Bane disappears until The Dark Knight (2012), where he reappears and seeks revenge on Batman for defeating him. In order to do this, he enlists the help of a retired police surgeon named Alfred Pennyworth, who has become Batman's guardian angel due to the death of Bruce's parents.

Where did the phrase "the bane of my existence" come from?

The term "bane" is derived from Middle English and may have originated in Old English. It is derived from the word "bana," which meaning "murderer" or "destroyer." The phrase "existence" refers to your life. As a result, the expression "bane of my existence" literally means "item that kills my life."

Banes are characters that players create and add to their games. They can be evil or good beings that interfere with the player's journey by trying to kill them or guide them on the right path. Banes can also help players overcome obstacles in their lives like depression or anxiety. There are many different types of evils in video games including demons, aliens, and robots. Good banes include characters that help players achieve success such as heroes or mentors.

Banes first appeared in 1987 when Wizard magazine published an article about Dungeons & Dragons. In this game, players create their own characters and go on quests with other people's characters.

In conclusion, the phrase "bane of my existence" came from medieval England where it was used to describe something that killed your life. This includes things such as murderers or destroyers of lives such as wars or disasters.

What is the bane of existence?

To call something or someone "the bane of my existence" suggests that they are a perpetual cause of annoyance or sorrow. The phrase "bane of my existence" is nearly often used in a semi-jocular, "what are you going to do?" context. It can also be used in a more serious vein, such as when asked by a judge at a murder trial, " what is your sentence?" to which the reply would be, "the bane of my existence."

Bane comes from the Old English banian, meaning harmful or detrimental. In mythology, a banishment was the act of sending out, exiling, or ejecting someone or something from their homeland and prohibiting them from returning. A banishment could be carried out by king or emperor, but it was usually done by other members of the royal family or the aristocracy. A person subjected to a banishment would be called a banisher.

In modern usage, the word has taken on the additional meaning of an antagonist or foe. Thus, one's "bane of existence" is the thing or person that causes constant pain and distress.

What does "bane of your life" mean?

The expression "bane of your life" refers to someone who is a cause of damage in someone's life. Anything or anybody might endanger the person's life, cause injury, or cause death. The term signifies "a source of a curse or damage" since the word "bane" means "curse." Thus, the bane of your life is a thing that causes you pain and may even get you killed.

Source: The Free Dictionary by Farlex. "Bane (of one's life) n.".

Why does bane sound so weird?

We've heard some of Bane's grandiose tones in the Dark Knight Rises trailers, and now Hardy has revealed that he modeled the voice on a real person. "His dialect is really distinctive, which was a Gypsy accent," Harddy explained. That's why it was tough to grasp. But once you tune in, you'll get it. Oh, and also because he's crazy.

Why does Bane wear a mask in the movie?

Bane is someone who is devastated by agony as a result of a long-ago event, and the mask delivers a form of anesthetic that maintains his anguish just below the threshold, allowing him to function. Lindy Hemming, the film's costume designer, adds, "He was damaged early in his narrative."

Bane wears the mask to hide his identity from the public, but it also serves as a reminder of who he is. He is a villain who uses fear as a weapon, and the mask allows him to continue this work while keeping his true face hidden.

In addition to maintaining his anonymity, the mask can be used as a tool for psychological manipulation. When faced with the opportunity to remove his mask, we see that Bane has become what he once fought against - a hero - and that he wants to show everyone his face. By removing his mask, he would be accepting responsibility for his actions and would have no more use for fear as a weapon.

But despite these advantages, he doesn't remove his mask until after he has completed his goal. At that point, he realizes that there is nothing behind the mask and that all he has done is bring more pain upon himself. With a final glance at the mask, he throws it away, saying: "One day I will give your world new hope. Until then, farewell."

What does the bane do in Borderlands 2?

The Bane, which comes in a variety of forms, is a cursed weapon that is said to deliver "misfortune" to its possessor. In truth, it's a potent yet difficult piece of artillery. When you equip The Bane, your movement speed is drastically reduced—you're virtually crawling and unable to dodge efficiently. Worse yet, your attack speed is also lowered.

In addition to this, The Bane drains your health over time, making it important to stay away from combat as long as possible. Once your health drops to zero, you will die if you continue attacking. However, if you stop fighting immediately after being hit with an enemy ability, then your health will recover back over time.

Finally, The Bane has one more detrimental side effect: it can attract unwanted attention from the Enforcers, who will hunt you down no matter where you go. If they find you, you'll have to fight them all off before you can escape their wrath.

Overall, The Bane is a powerful weapon that reduces your mobility and allows you to be killed easily by enemies. However, it does have a few advantages of its own. For example, because of its tendency to draw Enforcers, you can use this opportunity to escape from certain situations.

Additionally, if you run out of ammo for your other weapons, you can use The Bane's devastating explosive attacks on enemies close by instead.

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