What does it mean when someone is amazing?

What does it mean when someone is amazing?

Someone who is true to themselves, no matter what, is amazing. (Original article by mxcs) Someone who goes above and beyond common expectations to aid someone or simply to cheer them up. Someone who truly understands you. Someone who is independent and doesn't need anyone else to be complete. Someone who has never done anything wrong or bad.

Someone who is amazing should not be judged by their appearance but by their spirit inside. They should make you feel proud and encourage you to be your best self. They should give you strength when you need it the most and have an inspiring story to tell. Someone who is amazing should make you want to be a better person.

Sometimes it's hard to understand why people are amazing until you know how they've been through things in their lives. Maybe they had a terrible family member who hurt them deeply or maybe they have some other reason for being amazing. Either way, everyone deserves to be amazing!

What does "amazing person" mean?

A remarkable individual is one who accomplishes extraordinary feats. There are outstanding intellectuals, innovators, scientists, athletes, lecturers, and so on. Amazing may signify different things to different individuals, depending on what we value and value in life. To some, an amazing musician is one who plays beautifully; to others, it's someone who has an original style. For some, being called an amazing person is the highest praise they can receive, while for others it is merely another way of saying that they're very good at what they do.

Amazed means filled with wonder and admiration. Someone or something is amazed when it experiences a great deal or tells us about one: "The students were amazed by his knowledge"; "She was amazed by his success." Be aware that amazed can also mean frightened or shocked. So use care not to confuse this word with angry, which means filled with rage; or regrettable, which means causing pain or grief.

Amazingly means very greatly; extremely; remarkably. It is used to express admiration or respect for a person or thing. He is amazingly talented. She is amazingly beautiful. The team lost surprisingly early in the game.

He's an amazing pianist. She's a woman of many talents. Our team played shockingly bad basketball.

What does it mean when you say someone is extraordinary?

Adjective When you characterize something or someone as extraordinary, you are referring to their exceptional or unique qualities. [approval] The things that make someone extraordinary are the same things that make them human -- their hopes and dreams, their fears and anxieties.

It means they have many remarkable qualities, but they're also just like everyone else. They are not better or worse than anyone else; they're just different.

What is the difference between wonderful and amazing?

The distinction between wonderful and astounding as adjectives is that wonderful tends to create astonishment by being surprising and remarkable, whereas astonishing causes surprise and awe by containing particularly great features. For example, his actions were wonderful but not amazing; her singing was marvelous but not stunning.

Wondrous means extremely good or excellent and is used to describe people or things that are greatly admired or respected. It is often followed by of size or strength to indicate how very good or impressive it is. For example, his actions were wondrous but not amazing; her singing was wondrous but not stunning.

Amazingly means in a way that leaves one completely astounded or surprised; therefore, it is an absolute superlative. People or things that are amazingly good or excellent cannot be improved upon. For example, his actions were amaze-ing but not amazing; her singing was amaze-ing but not stunning.

Wonderful! can be used to express admiration or approval and does not require any further explanation. It is an all-encompassing word that expresses strong emotion. It can also be used to say that something is very nice or pleasant. For example, his action was wonderful; her singing was marvelous; their food was delicious!

All together now: This makes sense if you think about it.

Who is a remarkable person?

Someone or anything extraordinary is uncommon or special in a way that draws people's attention and causes them to be shocked or amazed. He was an extraordinary individual. She was a very remarkable woman.

Extraordinary people often have talents that set them apart from others, such as amazing creativity or good looks. They may also have physical disabilities or impairments, such as blindness, leprosy, or dwarfism. Some famous people who were considered extraordinary at the time they were born include Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Alexander the Great, and Charlie Chaplin. Other examples include Elizabeth I of England, Marie Antoinette of France, and Simón Bolívar of Venezuela.

People usually say that someone is "remarkable-looking" or "unremarkable looking". Actually, there is no right or wrong here; it depends on your personal opinion. Some people think Andy Warhol is remarkable-looking, while other people think he is not so remarkable-looking. The same thing can be said about most artists - some see them as remarkable, others don't. There are also those who think Brad Pitt is remarkable-looking, while others think he is too handsome.

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