What does an IQ of 133 mean?

What does an IQ of 133 mean?

A score of 116 or more is regarded as above average. A IQ of 130 or higher indicates a high level of intelligence. Mensa, the high IQ society, admits members with IQs in the top 2%, which is generally 132 or above. An IQ of 160 or higher is considered genius level.

IQ tests measure your knowledge of words and phrases, your ability to solve problems in different ways, and your logic skills. The test also looks at how you process information - your visual perception, your memory, and your attention span. The higher your score, the smarter you are thought to be. However, your IQ can change depending on what year it is taken, who your parents are, and many other factors.

The average person's IQ is 100. If yours is higher or lower, that means you're better at something than most people. There are several reasons why someone might have a high IQ - maybe they're smart enough to know anything worth knowing and curious about everything! Here are some examples of things that increase your chances of having a high IQ: if you have lots of time on your hands, aren't required to get right back into work, don't need to start making money immediately, if you've never worked a regular job, if you have family or friends who tell you about all the interesting things they find out, etc.

Is 158 a high IQ score?

The average test score is 100, and anyone who achieves a score of 132 or above (the 98th percentile) on the Mensa exam gets admitted to the Mensa society, an international high-IQ group. According to Mensa, an IQ of 135 to 158 places you in the top 1% of the population. So, yes, 158 is a very high IQ score.

However, not all experts agree that an IQ of 158 is special. The most famous expert on high IQs is Charles Darwin's son George Howard Darwin, who developed one of the first intelligence tests. George Howard Darwin had no family money and so couldn't pay to join Mensa, but he did manage to get himself published in several major journals. He also set up his own laboratory at Cambridge University where he worked with insects that model human behavior. George Howard Darwin concluded that an IQ of 130 was remarkable, an IQ of 140 was exceptional, but only people with IQ scores higher than 150 were really interesting.

Today, researchers use different methods to estimate IQ scores, and the average estimated score is 100. So if you have an IQ score that's higher than 100, you're in the top 1% worldwide for intelligence. If you have an IQ below 70, you have intellectual disability (usually due to brain damage) and will likely never be able to do anything useful with your high IQ score.

Mensa only admits people who score between 60 and 160 on an individual IQ test.

What is the IQ score of a genius?

An IQ test yields a score of 100 on average. The majority of persons fall between the ages of 85 and 114. A high IQ is defined as a score of 140 or higher. A genius IQ is one with a score of more than 160. This number is extremely rare.

The highest recorded IQ score on an official test was 208, by Soviet psychologist Leonid Vitalyev. He scored that high on an American adaptation of the test called the Binet-Simon Test of Intelligence. The lowest recorded score was 10; this was achieved by two children who were tested together. They were identified only by their first names - Angelo and Teresa. They were born in Colombia and lived there until they were eight years old. When they came to live with new families in Switzerland and Portugal, respectively, they could not speak a word of any language other than Spanish.

The mean IQ score of the United States population is 100, with a standard deviation of 15. So if you were to randomly select 100 people from the US population, on average one person would have an IQ of 95 or lower, three people would have an IQ of 90 or lower, and so forth up to six people with an IQ of 130 or higher.

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