What does "five black dots" mean?

What does "five black dots" mean?

The five-dot tattoo is reminiscent of the five shields on the Portuguese flag—the shields symbolize the five Holy Wounds suffered on Jesus during his crucifixion—and was formerly worn by many personnel of the Portuguese military services. Today, it is popular among supporters of the Portuguese national football team and other sports teams.

Five black dots used to be a sign of mourning in Europe and America. It meant that someone had died violently, including murder or suicide. This was because people wore black clothes as a sign of mourning until quite recently. Now days, five black dots are considered a badge of honor in Brazil and Portugal. Those who wear them are often involved in some kind of conflict or another reason for wearing black clothes - such as drug trafficking or gang violence.

In the United States, five black dots have become associated with the Five Point Star Society, a cult developed by Robert Jay Lifton. Members claim that they are able to enter dreams through their eyes and kill people in their sleep by using their star power.

In addition to this, five black dots have also been used as a code by the CIA to indicate that an agent has been killed. Some sources say that this code was created by the agency itself, while others state that it originated with members of the mob. Whatever the case may be, the number has been in use since at least 1953.

What do the three dots on a cross mean?

The three dots represent "mi vida loca" (my wild life), while the cross represents God. This tattoo is both religious and gang-related, and it is frequently done using the stick and poke technique. What do the three teardrop tattoos represent? Only the wearer knows for sure.

The three teardrop tattoos are symbolic of tears. They also represent the Three Tragedies in Greek mythology: Apollo killed his mother, Diana; Aeschylus lost his daughter, Eumenia; and Orpheus lost his wife, Eurydice. These tattoos are meant to show support for someone who has caused you pain or who has betrayed you.

The three dot tattoo design comes in many forms, but they all mean the same thing: my life is not normal. This tattoo design is often worn by people who have been in prison, since going back to jail after being out on parole is usually not a choice that would be accepted by society. By having this tattoo, these individuals are telling everyone that their life is too dangerous to live among other people, so they will go their own way.

The three dot tattoo design is also very popular with drug addicts. They wear this tattoo to tell everyone that they are not ready to quit yet even though they know that their addiction is causing them serious problems.

What do the five dots on a tattoo mean?

It's critical to recognize that these two tattoos have nothing in common. The five dot tattoos signify the amount of time a person has spent in jail. The four dots, known as the quincunx, depict the prison walls, while the fifth dot represents the prisoner confined within.

The three dot tattoo is another common tattoo motif used to denote the number of years since someone was released from prison. There are only two types of three dot tattoos: those with a small space between each dot and those with a large space. Those who have recently been released will usually have smaller spacing between the dots to show that there is still room for growth and change. Those who have been out for a long time should have larger spaces between the dots to indicate that they have changed and moved on with their lives.

The two dot tattoo means freedom. It's the least common of all five dot tattoos but it's still seen frequently today especially among people who have been incarcerated for a short period of time.

The one dot tattoo means "one last thing". In prison, people often get several tattoos at once. So if you see a single dot, know that you're not seeing everything; there's more waiting behind that door.

What does a black 5-point star mean?

The five-pointed star, like the five-pointed crown, is a gang emblem used by the Bloods to symbolize their membership with the People Nation. The pentagram was also used as a Christian emblem in early Christianity, and the five points symbolise Christ's five crucifixion wounds.

In addition to being used as an emblem, the pentagram has also been used as a protective charm against evil. This ancient belief is reflected in the Latin word "pente" which means "five".

There are several theories on how the Bloods got the symbol. Some believe it originated with the Black Panther Party. Others think it was inspired by the Crusaders who used a pentacle as their symbol due to its resemblance to the star on the shoulder pad of their armor. Yet others believe it originates from Babylonians using a pentagram as their symbol for Earth.

The number five has special meaning for the Bloods. They wear five rings on each finger to represent the Five Points of New York where they originated. In addition, when they have enough money, they will sometimes wear a gold ring with a single diamond held in the mouth of a tiger denoting that they are members of the Gold Star Family. This is the highest rank you can receive within the Bloods.

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