What does "3 dots over 3 lines" mean?

What does "3 dots over 3 lines" mean?

The three-dot tattoo, which depicts "mi vida loca," or "my wild life," is a popular jail tattoo. It has nothing to do with any one gang, but rather with the gang culture as a whole. This tattoo may be found on both American and European convicts across the world.

In Mexico, this tattoo often represents an attempt by a young person to show off and attract attention from girls. The more dots and lines that are used in tattooing, the higher the price tag will be. Therefore, this tattoo is usually reserved for older prisoners who can afford it.

In Spain, France, and Italy, "mi vida loca" means "my crazy life." In Germany and Austria, it means the same thing as in Spain and France: "my wild life." In Russia, it means "my crazy soul." In Latin America, it means "my crazy girlfriend/boyfriend."

Generally speaking, this tattoo shows that the wearer has been in trouble with the law before and will probably not change their lifestyle now that they are behind bars.

However, there are exceptions to this rule. "Mi vida loca" can also mean "my crazy life" if the tattoo artist uses too many colors when tattooing it. Then, the piece would be much more expensive than usual and would be considered a work of art instead of a simple decoration.

What does it mean to have three dots on your face?

Having said that, the three-dot tattoo is commonly seen as a jail tat, particularly when it is drawn on the owner's face. That doesn't imply you should think the individual is a member of a gang, but it is the most usual interpretation. The three dots may also be taken as a sign of the tattoo artist's name or shop identification.

The three dots are used in tattoos as a symbol for many things including: infinity, unknown, question mark, doubt, hesitation, awareness, recognition, and more.

Three dots in a line drawing or painting signal "to continue", indicating that what follows is supplementary material or examples.

Three dots attached to each other form a triangle, which is an important symbol in many cultures. It can represent life, heaven, faith, wisdom, knowledge, and so on.

Three dots are sometimes used in mathematics to indicate a variable quantity, meaning "a few" or "some". For example, if there are two cars in a parking lot and one has four wheels while the other has five, then they are both considered "few". Mathematically, this is represented by saying that there are "four wheels on few cars". Three dots are also used in statistics to indicate a missing value.

What do the three dots on a cross mean?

The three dots represent "mi vida loca" (my wild life), while the cross represents God. This tattoo is both religious and gang-related, and it is frequently done using the stick and poke technique. What do the three teardrop tattoos represent? Only the wearer knows for sure.

The three teardrop tattoos are meant to show support for family members who have been killed. Sometimes when people get these tattoos they use real teardrops instead of ink. The pain that comes with getting this tattoo means that the person has really thought about those they're supporting.

In conclusion, the three teardrop tattoos symbolize love and loss. A person gets them when they've lost someone close to them.

What do tattoo dots under the eyes mean?

Adherence to gang life Dot tattoos beneath the eye have long been used in Western culture to represent gang loyalty. This emblem and slogan are not associated with any one gang, but rather indicate commitment to the entire "gang lifestyle."

Gang members wear these tattoos as a sign of solidarity among their friends in order to show that they are loyal to each other and will protect each other. Although tattoos are often viewed as symbols of weakness by outsiders, those who wear them understand how important it is to have fellow gang members behind you if you are ever faced with adversity.

The dot underneath the right eye represents the first letter of the wearer's surname followed by the word "dot" written multiple times. Under the left eye is a similar symbol representing his or her first name followed by the word "dot". These tattoos are usually black ink on a white background and they stand for death before dying.

However, not all gang members choose to have these tattoos. Some may want them but can't afford them while others may feel too embarrassed to have them done because they think it looks bad. Whatever the reason, most gang members know what this means once they get them.

Tattoos are often worn by gang members as a badge of honor. They show that someone has been able to withstand the dangers of prison life and survive.

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