What does "2 star chest tattoo" mean?

What does "2 star chest tattoo" mean?

Those who have survived perilous marine activities or won a bar brawl while visiting a foreign port have earned the privilege to get two stars tattooed on their breast, one red and one green. Similarly, a two-star sea hero is softly urging others to "give way" to him. Two stars represent courage and bravery.

If you see this tattoo on someone else, it means that they are very brave and courageous. The person getting the tattoo has earned it through many years of defending others. For example, if you play football in high school, people will often ask you how many yards you had last season. If you have a 2 star tattoo, they will know that you took down several teams of players during games.

Tattoos are usually drawn by artists, who use computers to create drawings that look real. But sometimes other people write words and phrases that mean something special to the person who has them tattooed. With tattoos, as with anything else, you should never let anyone tell you what you can and cannot do with your own body. If you feel like getting a tattoo, first talk to your parents or guardian about it. Then, find an artist who has some experience working with people who want to get tattoos. Finally, be sure to take your time when choosing where to put your marks on your body. A tattoo is a permanent mark, so choose it carefully!

What does it mean to have two nautical stars on your chest?

Wearing two nautical stars can also serve as a prestige symbol.

Having two stars on your chest means that you have been granted immunity from punishment by various maritime authorities. Such people are usually found working in jobs related to the sea or boarding ships to provide security. They tend to be very loyal to those who have granted them this honor.

Having two stars on your chest also means that you belong to one of the three major international gangs involved in tattooing stars on sailors' bodies: The Red Star Line, based in Japan; The Green Water Gang, based in Taiwan; and The Black Stars, based in America. Each gang has its own unique style when it comes to tattooing these stars on sailors' bodies.

People who have been given this honor should always wear it with pride because they have been given a license to do something many other people would like to do. At the same time, they should never let it control their behavior because anyone can make a mistake at any time. If you decide to join one of these gangs, first talk to those already in them to see if it's okay with them. Then, find someone who will help you learn how to tattoo these stars properly.

What do "two stars" tattoos mean?

Two-star tattoos are a variant on the nautical star tattoo pattern, and they generally indicate that the bearer has survived some perilous action while working at sea. The dangers might be natural (drought, hurricane, earthquake), or due to accidents on board ship (fires, explosions). Two-star tattoos are usually in blue ink on white skin, but they can also be black on white or any other color combination.

Two-star tattoos are most common among sailors and fishermen. They also often include anchors, which represent safe return home.

People who have this tattoo are not necessarily telling you about their experiences; instead, it is possible that they just like the design of two stars facing opposite directions. It is also possible that they don't know what it means nor why it would be on their body. If you ask, perhaps they will tell you more.

What do star-outlined tattoos mean?

Star tattoos are typically associated with bravery and adventure in males. A guiding star will assist you in navigating your life's journey. That is why the nautical star tattoo design is so popular among guys. It can also be used to honor those who have had a significant impact on your life.

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