What does 13 tattoo mean on the neck?

What does 13 tattoo mean on the neck?

The Mexican Mafia's insignia is "La Eme," or "The M." The MS 13, usually known simply as MS or 13, is an emblem of El Salvador's Mara Salvatrucha gang. These tattoos may often be found anywhere on the body, but are most commonly found in highly prominent areas such as the face, hands, or neck.

MS refers to members who have been "made" or initiated into the gang. Those who are not already members can become candidates by successfully completing a series of tests called "barracks". Once a candidate has completed these requirements, they will become an official member of the gang.

13 is a common number used by gangs throughout the world. It is derived from the first three letters of each of the following words: Mary, Susan, Theresa, Michael, and John. Thus, "thirteen" translates to "Mary Sue" in English.

These tattoos serve as both names and symbols. They help identify members of their group and show that they are part of a larger organization called "the mob".

Tattoos are often used by gang members to mark themselves as members of a particular gang. In addition, some gangs use tattoos as a way to identify their leaders. Finally, some gangs use tattoos as a way to punish their members for serious offenses. For example, one gang member was sentenced to death after being found with a tattoo gun in his possession.

What does a tattoo of a dot on your wrist mean?

It has historically been associated with gang tattoos, as these three dots represent the phrase "me vida loca" or "my crazy life" in Spanish, yet it typically refers to enjoying life on the edge and going wild regardless of what others say. This is often a cultural reference for Hispanic and Latino people.

The tattoo can also be a tribute to someone special who has passed away. In this case, three stars would be used instead. Alternatively, it could be a symbol that means something different to each person who gets it done. There are even theories about its origin: some think it was inspired by the fact that gas masks read "M.V.D." (Means V.I.D.), while others believe it comes from the military's practice of marking prisoners with a small dot on the thumb to identify them.

Finally, some people assume it stands for "miles vantur", which is Latin for "thousand miles". However, this isn't true at all; "miles" here actually means "million" and not "thousand".

In conclusion, a tattoo of a dot on your wrist means having fun and being free. It also marks you as unique since no two people will have the same interpretation of this image.

What does a "pitchfork tattoo" mean?

The Gangster Disciples are most commonly represented by this tattoo. The pitchfork symbolizes the gang's ability to resist persecution. It also represents the power of truth over falsehood.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the tattoo has become popular among members of that city's gang culture because it is seen as representing strength and power. It may also be used to show solidarity with fellow gang members who have been branded with the tattoo.

The tattoo sometimes includes the initials of the wearer after the punctuation of the pitchfork. In this case, it would read "GD."

There are two versions of the pitchfork tattoo. One has the tines up and the other down. Which one is correct depends on how you view things. If you think victory is strong then put the tines up. If you believe that loss is strong then put them down.

Another interpretation of this tattoo is that it means God will protect its owner. Since the pitchfork is pointing up, it is believed to be protecting its owner from danger and disaster.

A third interpretation is that it is a symbol for helping those in need. This is usually shown by putting the tines of the pitchfork together in a circle.

What does a 3% tattoo mean?

The triangle three-dot tattoo is commonly connected with the gang lifestyle and extended jail terms, and represents the notion of "me vida loca," Spanish for "my wild life." The good news is that this interpretation applies only when the dots are arranged in a triangle pattern. Shahrivar '28, AP 1399 shows three dots in a straight line, which means "normal" or "steady" life.

The meaning of a single dot can vary depending on who wears it. To some, it stands for a single life lived passionately; to others, it symbolizes their past mistakes that don't define their current state or future potential. Finally, to some inmates, the single dot represents someone who has been released from prison. In any case, the tattoo should not be misinterpreted as a promise to lead a peaceful life.

The percentage tattoo refers to a person's age when marked off into years: 2003 (age 33) turns into "03." This is common among adults who were born in 1958 or later. Those who were born before this date tend to write their age as they feel most comfortable doing so. For example, if someone was born in 1931, they might write “31” instead of the expected 1938 because they felt like it was acceptable at the time. Adults who were born earlier than 1958 usually have their birth year written in Roman numerals because numbers beyond 1999 have become common since tattoos became popular.

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