What do you call someone who is precise?

What do you call someone who is precise?

A punctilious individual is concerned with the smallest of things. Do you always arrive on time? Then you are one of the punctilious individuals. You see, punctuality is important to those who have nothing to hide.

Punctuality is vital in any relationship, but it is especially important in business relationships. Punctual people are reliable and trustworthy. They show that they are responsible by being on time. Being late shows that you cannot be trusted and will likely get others not to trust you either.

Punctuality is also important when going to a new place or meeting new people. It makes a good first impression. If you are late, you can't come straight away so there's no point in showing up early either. See what time it is now - if it's later than you thought then you're late.

Finally, punctuality is important for parties because it allows you to enjoy your night out or party together with others while still staying in touch with each other. If you aren't ready when everyone else is, you won't be included and that defeats the purpose of having a party in the first place!

So, being punctual is useful and important. A punctilious person shows that they are careful and meticulous by being on time.

What do you call someone who pays close attention to detail?

He or she may have difficulty focusing on the larger picture because they are so intent on avoiding making a mistake.

Punctilious comes from the Latin word meaning "to prick" and refers to one who is extremely careful about small details. The term was used in reference to medieval English law courts that were so meticulous about procedural rules that they often found people guilty before they even started trials. These courts came up with many ways around this problem by for example holding trials during vacation periods when there would be no judges available to sentence them.

The phrase "a punctilious person" first appeared in print in 1779. It describes someone who has excellent attention to detail, which is why something as simple as paying attention to your language usage can be important.

Some examples of words that can be used to describe a punctilious person include: scrupulous, careful, precise, obsessive-compulsive, harum-scarum.

Scrupulous means excessively concerned with moral or ethical behavior; showing an extreme concern for accuracy in every action. Someone who is conscientious but not necessarily meticulous may have more room to relax about certain issues.

What do you call someone who focuses on small details?

Punctilious, pronounced "punk-til-ee-us," is derived from the Italian term puntiglio, which means "fine point." No point is too delicate, no detail is too minute to be neglected by someone who is meticulous.

Punctilious people like to think of themselves as precise and thorough. They make sure that the little things are done properly and will not leave any stone unturned before starting a project. Sometimes this desire to avoid error can be a problem for them because they may worry about everything from the tiny details of daily life to the larger issues facing their community. But never the less, they try hard not to let anything slip.

As far as hobbies and interests are concerned, punctilious people like to think of themselves as serious about what they do. And although they may not be involved in activities that require a lot of time or effort, they still find ways to have fun. For example, they may enjoy drawing up lists of things that could be done differently or they may keep track of every single item that goes into making something. No matter what it is that they do, they try to do it all very carefully.

In terms of personality traits, punctilious people tend to be conscientious.

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