What do you call a person who is modest?

What do you call a person who is modest?

Shy, demure, or too modest feigned modesty or shyness, especially when used in a funny or provocative manner decent. Following traditional sexual mores via speech, conduct, or attire decent. Not indecent or obscene.

Modest people are not arrogant or proud; they are humble. A modest person would never claim to be wise or powerful. Instead, they are respectful and appreciative of other people's opinions and feelings.

A modest person also does not expose themselves unnecessarily; they cover up, wear clothes, etc. if they do not want to offend others. They know how to interact with other people without being rude or disrespectful.

A modest person also does not talk about themselves too much or boast about their achievements. They let others do the talking instead. A modest person knows how to listen as well as speak.

Finally, a modest person tries to be like God, who is always honest and truthful. He never lies or breaks his promises; therefore, a modest person should try to be like him in this way too.

What is the adjective form of modestly?

Modest. Unpretentious and humble; without bragging or boasting about oneself or one's achievements. Small to medium in size.

Modesty is the quality of being modest; modesty is also the name of a personality trait characterized by lack of arrogance or pride. Modesty goes along with other virtues such as humility, sincerity, and trustworthiness. Modesty is considered an important ingredient for leadership success.

In English, we use the word "modest" to describe people who aren't overbearing, arrogant, or disrespectful but still know how to be self-sufficient and responsible. They don't need others to meet their needs but are willing to help others if they can. This quality is particularly important in leaders because they're usually in charge of other people. A leader should be able to make decisions and take action without needing to ask for permission from others. Also, a leader should be able to admit when he or she was wrong.

Some examples of adjectives that describe a modest person include: sensible, practical, efficient, careful, virtuous, honorable, humble, and frank.

Modesty is very important in religion. It is said that Moses was very modest when he asked God to allow him to lead his people.

What do you call someone who has humility?

Humility, lowliness, meekness, and modesty are all examples of down-to-earthness. A person who exhibits these traits is called humble.

The King James Version translates the word "humility" as "meekness." This word comes from the same root as the word "mystery," so they are both related to respect for God's ways. A humble person shows others how special they are by not comparing themselves to others or taking credit for other people's achievements.

He who dwells in pride shall be abased; but he who is lowly in heart, exalted.

-- Proverbs 16:25

Humility is needed in leadership positions because it makes people feel important instead of being treated like commodities. When you show someone you trust them with a promotion or decision making role, that means you believe they can handle it. Only someone who is humble would accept such a position because they know they have room for growth and they're willing to listen to advice from more experienced people.

A leader must also have self-control. They should keep their emotions under control because they need to be able to make decisions based on reason rather than emotion.

What is the difference between modest and modesty?

As a noun, modesty is the attribute of being modest; having a reasonable and not excessively optimistic view of oneself and one's skills. As a verb, to modst means "to behave in a modest way."

Modesty is the quality of being modest; it is also the behavior of someone who is modest. Modesty is the opposite of arrogance. Arrogance is behaving as if one were better than others, while modesty is aware of one's shortcomings and doesn't try to hide them.

What do you call a delicate person?

Ailing, crippled, flimsy, delicate, frail, sickly, thin, slight, sensitive, and feeble. There are two options: delicate, delectable, elegant, excellent, fine, graceful, savory, and tender. 3: light, muted, pastel, soft, subdued, subdued, subdued, subdued, quiet, subdued, 4: accurate, deft, thorough, minute, precise, and expert 5: considerate, diplomatic, discrete, and sensitive.

What are the synonyms for modest?


  • Humble.
  • Moderate.
  • Prudent.
  • Quiet.
  • Simple.
  • Unassuming.
  • Bashful.
  • Blushing.

What is female modesty?

Modesty, often known as demureness, is a style of dress and manner that aims to avoid encouraging sexual interest in others. The term "modesty" is derived from the Latin word modestus, which meaning "staying within limits." Modesty standards vary greatly depending on culture and situation. They may include such things as wearing sleeveless dresses, high-heeled shoes, or underwear to expose flesh above the waist or below the neck; covering the face with makeup or an open-face hairstyle; or engaging in any other behavior that might be considered sexually provocative.

The English language does not have a single word to describe the appearance or behavior of women who practice female modesty. Words like "prude" and "shy" are often used by those who do not understand why someone would want to hide their sexuality. But these adjectives cannot explain the range of behaviors that may fall under this category. One woman may be very shy while another may be very bold; one person's prudishness may not be apparent until you discover they don't want to watch television advertisements or visit places where many people go.

In addition to varying widely between individuals, female modesty also varies across cultures. In some cultures it may be acceptable for women to wear little or no clothing when bathing or sleeping, while in other cultures these activities are reserved for adults only. There are several terms used to describe different levels of female modesty, but none of them is perfect.

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