What do poor men need?

What do poor men need?

If a rich guy need nothing, a poor man has nothing, and if you don't eat anything, you will perish. Thus, the thing that poor men need most is food. And since money cannot buy food, we can conclude that what they need second is money.

Food is needed for survival. But money can also be used to obtain other things that are necessary for a happy life. For example, if you want to avoid starvation while searching for food, then it makes sense to take a job; but if you want to stay alive while looking for something better, then there is no point in taking any job. Money therefore becomes essential for a happy life.

In conclusion, poor men need money, because without it, you cannot live. If you have some money, you can enjoy many benefits. If you are rich, you can give away parts of your fortune or use it to help others.

Thus, money is very important for your quality of life. Whether you are rich or poor, without it you will always be struggling to get by every day.

It's true that not everyone needs money to lead a happy life. Some people can be very content with what they have and still be good friends with those who are less fortunate.

What does a poor man have that a rich man needs?

A wealthy individual requires nothing. Nothing is available to a poor guy. You will perish if you do not consume anything. If you are hungry, if you are thirsty, if you are cold, if you are injured, if you are sick--eat something! Anything will do. Even dirt is useful if you eat it. A dead body is useless. It doesn't provide energy for survival activities such as walking, talking, or thinking.

In contrast, a rich person can afford to be choosy about his consumption goods. He can eat only things that are nutritious and pleasant to taste. He can drink only water or ice tea. He can use only the best equipment for fishing or hunting. His main concern is not eating every day but eating well daily. He can spare some money each month to buy food which will last him for several months.

The need of the poor is satisfied by whatever little they have; the need of the rich is satisfied by more wealth. One cannot live without the other. Either we eat every day, all of us, no matter how poor we are, or none of us will survive. This is why poverty is so cruel: it destroys everything it touches - life, health, hope.

It is easy to feel sorry for the poor.

What does a rich man need that a poor man has an answer to?

A rich man needs nothing, a poor man has nothing, and if you eat nothing, you'll die. So it follows that a rich man needs things that will help him to avoid death.

A poor man, on the other hand, is always in danger of dying from lack of food. Therefore, he needs things that will keep him alive even when there's no money around. Such as medicine.

A rich man can afford to spend his money on anything he wants. A poor man has only enough for himself and those who are close to him. He cannot afford to share his resources with people who aren't affected by them.

A rich man is free to buy whatever goods he desires - if they're expensive then he has money enough; if not, then he can wait until he gets some. A poor man is limited to what he can obtain by barter or theft. He cannot just go out and buy something without first making sure that he can afford it.

We all need different things at different times in our lives. A rich man may want luxury items that a poor man could never afford, such as second homes or fancy cars.

What does a rich man need when a poor man has nothing?

A rich man requires nothing, whereas a poor guy has nothing. There is no answer. This is the sole possible answer to this problem. It's... sensation!! Rich men feel no hunger, they are just animals who eat because they are hungry. Poor men, on the other hand, suffer from hunger and need to be fed by others....

What does a rich man want?

The solution is the logical explanation of the expression "a wealthy man needs, a poor man has." The right solution to the "A rich guy need" riddle is nothing. Simply look at the sentence containing the right answer to understand this solution. A rich guy requires nothing, a poor man has nothing, and if you don't consume anything, you will perish. Nothing that matters then.

This solution is based on one simple fact: consumption is the only way people can improve their lives. If someone is rich, he or she must be consuming something in order to be able to afford to keep getting richer. If someone is poor, he or she must be consuming something in order to be able to live.

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