What do people see when they view your Facebook profile?

What do people see when they view your Facebook profile?

To view what certain people see when they look at your personal timeline, follow these steps: 1. Go to your personal profile or timeline and click on it. 2. 2. Click the down arrow next to your activity log to display a drop-down option. 3. Select "View As..." from the drop-down menu. 4. Your profile will be set to "public" viewing by default. If you'd like to change this, go back into your activity log and select "Private."

People can also watch your videos if they have your permission to do so.

Your Facebook profile is one of the most detailed views into your life that anyone can find. The more that you share, the more information you give away! Use these tips to keep things private.

Who can see my profile on Facebook?

Your public information, which includes your name, profile image, cover photo, gender, username, user ID (account number), and networks, is visible to anybody (learn why). Your timeline can only be updated by you and your friends. When you post anything, you can use the audience option to control who sees it. Even if you hide your activity from some people, they can still see that you were active on Facebook.

Anyone who has access to your computer can view your profile pages. Therefore, it's important to keep personal information private. Avoid sharing your password with others, and log out of your account when you're done using it.

If you want more privacy, you can adjust several options on your profile page. You can decide what information about yourself you want to make public by editing your "About" section, selecting a location from the drop-down menu, unchecking certain activities such as being searched for or tagged in photos, and hiding your profile from certain categories of users. However, these changes will not affect information already published on other websites or databases.

Your boss, your mother-in-law, your neighbor—they can all see your Facebook profile page. So before you show them something inappropriate, think about how it will reflect on you.

Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets on Facebook.

What can strangers see on my Facebook?

However, anyone can view your timeline.

Your private information, such as email address, phone numbers, and internal notes, is hidden from public view. Only you can access this information.

Your public profile does not include any of your private information. Email addresses are removed from our system within 24 hours after they are submitted to us via our "Contact User" page, and we use strong cryptography to protect all communications between your computer and our servers. Phone numbers are checked for validity and then deleted from our system once we have released them.

However, your friend list and other public information can be viewed by others.

Can you view someone else’s activity log on Facebook?

If you browse someone else's timeline, the "Activity Log" button is replaced by a "Message" button. The links on the left side of the screen allow you to filter the type of activity displayed. For example, if you click on the link for "Friends", only the activities of your friends will be shown.

Users can see their own activity log by clicking on the "Activity Log" button on the top-right corner of the page. This option is not available for public users because they cannot write messages.

However, if you are logged in as that user and visit his or her profile, the activity log will be there for you to read.

You can also send private messages to other users. If you select them from the drop-down menu, then they will receive an email with details about the message you sent them.

Facebook uses a system called "circles" to let users manage which types of content they want to see when they go on the site. There are three main circles: "Friends", "Family" and "Public". Users can add people they know to any of these circles.

People in your family circle will always see your age along with other information such as your birthday and relationship status.

How can I see who has viewed my Facebook profile on my computer?

Sign in to your Facebook account. Click it to see a list of everyone who has accessed your profile within the last 30 days.

Can you view someone’s Facebook without them knowing?

Facebook Security Despite the fact that the person whose profile you're seeing has no way of knowing you were on his timeline, Facebook is aware. Facebook records all site actions, including the profiles you view. This information, on the other hand, will not be shared with anybody.

What is a profile viewer on Facebook?

The new tool allows you to see who has visited your profile in the last 30 days, who has visited your profile in the last day, and who has seen your most recent postings. The option is hidden deep under your privacy settings and is now only available on the iOS app. It's not clear why this feature was removed from other platforms, but it's still available on Android.

This feature was first introduced in 2011. At that time, it was only available to iPhone users. In 2013, it was made available to Android users as well. In 2014, the limit of 30 days was added.

In 2015, the feature was changed from being able to view profiles of friends to being able to view only profiles of people who have "visited" your page. There was no option to view all profiles as before. In 2016, the limit of one visit per day was added. In 2017, the limit of 30 days was again added. And recently, in 2018, the feature was changed back to allowing you to view all of your friends' profiles.

So overall, the feature has been available for three years. In that time, it's been limited to only certain types of profiles (only yours, then your friends', then all of your friends'), limited to certain areas (US, then EU), and with a limit of visits (yours once, then everyone else's).

How do I view a restricted profile on Facebook?

Here's how to see how your Facebook profile appears to others.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Timeline and Tagging.
  3. Click “View As”
  4. Click “View as Specific Person”

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