What did Beth text to Rip?

What did Beth text to Rip?

During one of the season's most touching moments, Beth addressed Rip as "baby," which he liked so much that he requested her to say it again. She complied and then told him what she had to tell him for so long.

Beth died giving birth to their son, who lived for only a few hours. In response to this devastating news, Rip went into cardiac arrest. He survived but was left paralyzed.

It's possible that Rip will recover full use of his body system. However, given that he's a vampire, this isn't likely. Still, he has been seen moving his arms and legs, so this may be possible. He has also been heard coughing out blood, which could mean that he has recovered some feeling in his body. For now, these are just theories, but they do show that Rip still has hope for recovery.

In addition to Beth, who does Rip have? He has no family left except for an old friend named Jeff. It's possible that Rip might try to turn Jeff but since Jeff hates vampires, this is unlikely to happen.

Rip spent the first part of the series trying to find a way to save humans from becoming vampires. In the end, he gave up on this idea because it was too dangerous.

Does Beth Dutton love Rip?

Rip pursues her, and when he catches up with Beth, he chastises her for putting herself in danger. Beth expresses her feelings for Rip in her own unique way at this point. "It's just the things I care about that die, Rip, never me," Beth explains. "To be honest, I'm astonished you're still alive."

Beth is a strong-willed woman who doesn't suffer fools lightly. She's been through a lot, including losing her husband to cancer. Yet she continues to put herself in dangerous situations without thinking first. Her feelings for Rip are clear to see, but can he return her affection?

Beth has always been practical about life. She knows what she wants, and she goes after it with everything she has. Even if that means risking her life like she did on several occasions. She is an independent woman who refuses to be told what to do. This often puts her at odds with others, especially men.

Beth meets all of these traits in the infamous outlaw Bartender. He is a man who lives by his own set of rules. No one tells him what to do, and he doesn't take orders from anyone else either. This doesn't go over too well with Bartender's employer, who fires him when he finds out about his illegal activities. After being fired from his job, Bartender decides to make his way west toward California, where he hopes to start a new life.

Does Rip find out Beth was pregnant?

Their infatuation culminated in an unanticipated pregnancy. Beth was terrified and unsure what to do. So she asked her brother, Jamie, to drive her to an abortion clinic. Furthermore, Rip learns of Beth's abortion considerably later in life. He meets with Jamie in prison to tell him what happened, but neither one of them knows that Beth had actually been taken to a hospital instead.

Jamie is furious that Rip did not try to find out where his daughter was after the abortion, and he vows to kill her if he gets out of jail. However, the police arrest Jamie before he can carry out his plan, and he ends up serving three years in prison for attempted murder.

Beth moves away from Home Improvement to go to college, but she never gets married or has any children. Rip buys a house next door to hers, but they barely speak to each other. In fact, it turns out that both of them were adopted and knew it all along. They finally meet up again when Rip needs work done on his house, and it sparks their friendship back into shape. By this time, Beth has found love and happiness with another man named Dave, and they get married. Unfortunately, Dave dies in a car accident before Beth's father-to-be with Rip comes to visit. After Dave's death, Beth decides to leave home renovation to pursue other interests.

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