What are examples of independence?

What are examples of independence?

Someone who lives on their own and supports oneself is an example of someone who is self-sufficient. Self-sufficient, independent of the influence, guidance, or control of another or others. A self-sufficient mentality Not affected or determined by someone or something else; not contingent.

People can be dependent on their families, friends, or communities for support or assistance with activities such as getting married, having a child, or moving into isolation. The opposite of family dependency is familial independence.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines independence as "the state or fact of being independent;" "a person who is independent can decide what roles he or she wants to play in life;" and "the quality of being independent."

Independence can also mean not being subject to political authority or control. People who live under dictatorships or totalitarian governments cannot exercise their rights as citizens because those in power can take them away at any time. In order to be independent, people need to be able to think for themselves and not be forced to do things they disagree with.

In school, people learn principles such as autonomy, responsibility, and conformance in order to become more independent. When you are responsible for yourself, you are given freedom to make your own decisions about your life. This means that you should try to develop qualities like courage, honesty, and diligence because they will help you become more independent.

What’s the difference between a dependent and an independent person?

Independence is defined as not having to rely on anything or someone. It is when people are solely reliant on themselves. Dependent, on the other hand, is when someone must rely on another person. They may be unable to function without whatever or whoever they are reliant on.

People can be independent or dependent. Some people are born dependent, while others become independent later in life. The more an individual relies on others, the more they are dependent.

Dependency can be good or bad. If someone is dependent on you but doesn't know it, then they are being passive. They are letting you decide what happens to them. If they find out about this dependency and feel like they can't stand on their own anymore, then it's too late. You've already done damage that will take years to correct.

Dependency can also be positive. If someone is dependent on you but knows it and accepts it, then they are being active. They are allowing you to help them achieve things and give them responsibilities.

Some people are naturally more dependent than others. This is because they were born with a need for support from others. These people should never be made to feel like they are wrong for needing help.

Others become dependent after suffering some type of trauma in their lives.

How would you describe an independent person?

Filters. The term "independent" refers to someone or anything that is not subject to the influence or control of another. Someone who lives on their own and supports themselves is an example of an independent individual.

Independents tend to be more self-reliant and have a higher tolerance for risk than those who are not independent. They may also be more willing to try new things or take chances because they don't need anyone's approval to succeed.

People often call individuals who are independent-minded and won't listen to others "headstrong." Headstrong people tend to get what they want out of life by arguing with those who try to tell them what to do. However, it is possible to be headstrong and still be dependent at the same time - for example, when you rely on friends or family for support.

Dependence can also be a good thing in some cases. For example, soldiers who depend on their comrades for their survival during war times are being dependent yet still considered independent because they know that they can protect themselves if needed.

Individuals who are dependent on others for protection are not independent in fact because they need others to survive, therefore they are not able to handle risk well.

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