What age is the average Facebook user?

What age is the average Facebook user?

The age breakdown varies greatly from nation to country. The typical Facebook user in the United States was 40.5 years old, whereas it was 29 years old in Lebanon. Fewer than 10% of US users are 17 or younger, and even fewer are 65 or older, yet 65% are 35 or older. In addition, 19% are between 16 and 24, and 12% are over 50.

The most common age group on Facebook is 25-34 year olds at 38%. Next is the 15-24 year old group at 14%. Then there are significantly more 55+ year olds at 13% followed by 25-54 year olds at 11%. Finally, the number of users aged 0-14 is about equal to the number of users aged 85+.

In terms of gender, women make up about 51% of Facebook users with men accounting for 49%. There are more women than men because men use other social networking sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Almost all countries around the world have users who are high school graduates or higher. However, many low-and-middle-income countries have a much lower percentage of users who complete college or graduate school. This is likely due to the fact that these countries tend to have less developed economies and less flexible work environments. However, there are some exceptions to this - for example, Israel has one of the highest percentages of college graduates in the world but also has one of the largest populations of elderly people.

What percentage of Facebook users are under 18?

25–34-year-olds accounted for 25.7 percent of Facebook users in the United States throughout the study period. Age distribution of Facebook users in the United States as of July 2021.

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What’s the average age of a Facebook user?

As of October 2019, 10% of global active Facebook users were women aged 18 to 24, with males aged 25 to 34 representing the largest demographic group of Facebook users. Facebook brings the entire globe together. It gives people from all over the world the opportunity to connect with others and share information about themselves and their communities.

The average age of users was 39 years old. 90% of users were men and only 10% were women.

This might seem very young compared to other social media sites but it's actually quite older than you might think. The average age of users on Twitter is 28 years old and Instagram is 16 years old. Facebook has been around for more than 10 years now so it's not surprising that its audience is getting older.

There are several factors which can influence how old Facebook's audience appears. The first thing to note is that the site uses an algorithm to show posts in its news feed to its users. This means that some stories will be shown to some users while others will see different events and issues facing Facebook.

For example, if there's a war happening in Syria, those who visit Facebook from Syria won't see this story pop up in their feeds. Users from Syria may see different issues such as changes to Facebook's design or fewer posts from their friends' pages.

Which age group has the most Facebook users?

Between the ages of 25 and 35, the greatest demographic group of Facebook users. Males account for 18.8 percent of the population, while females account for 12.8 percent. Facebook is used by around seven out of 10 persons in the United States (69 percent). Seniors aged 65 and up are Facebook's smallest demographic segment (4.8 percent ). Around one in five Americans under the age of 24 use the site.

The number of people using Facebook increases with age. About 83 percent of adults over the age of 55 use the site, as do 77 percent of children under the age of 11. The largest gender gap appears to be among teenagers: 89 percent of boys and 72 percent of girls say they use Facebook.

Among all age groups, whites are more likely than blacks or Hispanics to use Facebook. Men are more likely than women to use the site. People who are better off economically are more likely to use Facebook than those who are not. Educated people are more likely to use the site than those who have no formal education.

In addition to being a generational site, Facebook is a cultural site. Users from different countries tend to go online through different channels. YouTube is the most popular site for Japanese users, for example. For American users, Twitter is more popular.

There are several factors that may influence how many people use Facebook. One study found that higher levels of education are associated with using the site more often.

Who is the typical Facebook user?

Age and gender distribution of worldwide audiences in 2021 As of January 2021, 9.6 percent of global active Facebook users were women between the ages of 18 and 24, with male users between the ages of 25 and 34 constituting the largest demographic group. The most common age group among female users was 35-44 years old, while the majority of males using Facebook were 45-54 years old.

The average age of all active Facebook users was 38 years old. In terms of ethnicity, African Americans made up the largest minority at 12 percent of the population. On average, each user accessed the platform via about 5 devices. About 92 percent of active users visited Facebook on a desktop computer, while 8 percent used other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

According to research conducted by Facebook, an estimated average of 110 million people globally logged onto the platform in 2020. This amounts to just over 5 percent of the world's population at the time they conducted the survey. Of those users, 95 percent were considered active consumers rather than simply passive members of the social network.

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