What three methods does Santiago use to attain his personal legend?

What three methods does Santiago use to attain his personal legend?

As Santiago realizes as he begins on his own spiritual search, achieving one's unique legend needs patience, humility, and, above all, wisdom. The Crystal Merchant is another important figure in the plot. He plays an essential role in helping Santiago realize his goal.

Santiago uses his sword, skill, and wits to defeat his enemies. He also has some magical abilities that are introduced throughout the story. For example, he can see into people's souls and tell what kind of spirit they have by looking at their faces.

At the end of the novel, Santiago realizes that no single method will get him anywhere. So, he decides to use all his skills to find out what kind of spirit lives in the moon and, based on that, decide how to defeat it.

Santiago's journey to discover his unique legend is a long and difficult one. But it is an important part of the story and helps readers understand why he acts the way he does throughout the novel.

What is the one thing Santiago still has left to know?

All you have to do is read the omens he left for you. Santiago learns through action how simple it is to give up on the pursuit for one's unique mythology. After being robbed, the youngster accepts a job with the crystal trader. He intends to save money, buy sheep, and return to his previous life. However, when the thief returns home without his wallet, Santiago decides to look for him. Upon finding him, the boy realizes that revenge isn't worth losing your soul. Thus, he decides to leave the island in order to avoid more trouble.

Santiago leaves the island with no real plan or destination in mind. But he does have one thing left to learn: what is the one thing that remains unanswered about his own mythology?

The film ends with a glimpse of Santiago on a beach somewhere in South America. We can assume that he has finally found some peace since learning to live without knowing why the gods did them to death.

What lesson does Santiago learn from the king?

He informs him that the "soul of the planet" is equally nourished by people's pleasure and sadness. A person's only responsibility is to discover their particular legend. He also informs Santiago that he always emerges in some shape or another when someone is about to abandon his particular mythology. This fact encourages the king to continue fighting against injustice.

Santiago realizes that it is time for him to take charge of his kingdom and decide what role he will play in the future. The planet needs heroes like him who are willing to fight for what they believe in.

Santiago decides not to marry but to rule through his sons instead. This way, they will have leaders who understand how important their job is. Someone has to protect the kingdom from evil intruders and defend its borders. This task requires more than just great strength - it also requires wisdom and courage.

Santiago passes on the crown to one of his sons and tells him to never marry because this world needs more heroes like him. He then goes out into the world to look for new challenges.

This story takes place in Spain around 1550-1570. It was originally written in Spanish and published in 1852. "El conde de Santiago" has been made into a movie twice: in 1993 with Antonio Banderas as the main character and again in 2001 with Diego Luna playing the role instead.

What lessons does Santiago learn from working at the crystal shop?

Santiago learns about the crystal trade and how to utilize words efficiently. He also learns that not all dreams come true, especially if one waits too long.

What is Santiago’s personal legend in The Alchemist?

A Personal Legend, as referred to in The Alchemist, is one's life destiny. It is determining and following your life's mission. When Santiago encounters Melchizedek, the ancient King of Salem, he teaches him the meaning of a personal legend. A personal legend, according to him, is "what you have always aspired to do." With this understanding, Santiago goes on to found a new kingdom where people can find peace and happiness.

Santiago's personal legend guides him in choosing a community that will be the foundation for his new kingdom. He chooses an isolated place where he can start a new life free from past sins and regrets. This community should be like a second home for him, where he can practice tolerance and fairness. Only then will he be able to create justice and love between its residents.

Santiago starts his new life with only 80 gold pieces and his essential belongings packed in two small bags. But he doesn't worry about money, because he knows that what he needs he can obtain through hard work.

He builds himself a house with his own hands and calls it "The House of God". Inside it, he places a table and some chairs so people can eat together in peace. This is how he starts a community center where everyone can feel safe and secure.

Santiago lives alone but does not mind, because he knows that solitude gives him time to think and figure things out by himself.

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