Is your identity given or created?

Is your identity given or created?

Our identities are developed as we move through life as a result of the decisions we make and the options we select. Only through believing in our deeds will we be able to achieve in life. So, who we think we are affects what we do and therefore who we become.

An example of this can be seen in the story of Adam and Eve. Their choice in the matter led to them becoming individuals with unique personalities. However, if they had believed that they were just simple spirits without bodies then they would have remained nothing more than such spirits and would have been unable to affect their future lives through choice.

So, our identities are developed as we move through life as a result of the decisions we make and the options we select.

How are identities formed?

Identity is developed through a process of investigating possibilities or choices and committing to one based on the results of their investigation. Identity confusion can emerge from a lack of a well-developed sense of identity. For example, if someone has no clear idea who they are, they may try out different roles in order to find "the right person", which could lead to role confusion.

Identity formation involves exploring various options, making a choice based on these investigations, and then moving onto the next phase of development. This process may be done repeatedly as we continue to make decisions about who we want to be and how we want to act.

We form our identity by comparing ourselves to others. It's natural to look around at what other people are doing and copy them. However, copying others entirely can be problematic because it prevents us from developing an individual character.

In addition to copying others, we also form our identity by creating images of what we think others expect of us. This is called idealized self-image. We may choose to be like my friends or family, people who have been positive influences in our lives, or we may decide to be like sports stars or movie characters. Through these comparisons, we develop a picture of who we should be and try to live up to this image.

What is identity and who creates it?

The way a person expresses themselves and the decisions they make can be summed up in one word: identity. One's culture, choices, and view of themselves constitute their identity, whether they are born with it or create it as they mature. Identity is formed during the course of a person's life. Who you are depends on what you do, who you associate with, and when you make decisions about these things; therefore, your identity is not fixed but rather dynamic.

Identity is created by three factors: culture, choice, and maturity. Your culture is the set of values you were raised with; it includes ideas such as success, failure, honesty, loyalty, courage, and respect. This is something you are born with and cannot change. Your choice is choosing what culture you want to belong to; this is something you can choose at any time in your life. Your maturity is being able to make good choices even if they are not what you want to do. For example, if you want to fit in with the popular kids at school, then you might try to act more like them by wearing what they wear and saying what they say. However, if you know that this isn't right for you personality-wise, then you could still grow into yourself and find other ways to connect with them. Your choice is how you express yourself and move through life; this is something that can change at any time in your life.

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