Is Utterson a good person?

Is Utterson a good person?

In Victorian London, Utterson is a lawyer and so a respectable and rich man. Stevenson portrays Utterson's demeanor as reasonable, calm, and inquisitive. Utterson discovers the enigma of Dr. Jekyll's will through these personality features. He decides to help Mr. Hyde by hiring him as a guide on a trip into Scotland. However, circumstances force him to keep this plan secret from everyone else.

Utterson is a good person because he has good intentions. When he finds out that Mr. Hyde is being persecuted, he tries to help him even though he knows it goes against his morals.

Stevenson also describes Utterson as honest and sincere. Even when no one is watching, he acts according to his beliefs. For example, when he was a young man, he tried to save John Harker from the gallows because it went against all rules of law and justice. Despite knowing this would hurt his career prospects, he did it anyway. This shows that Utterson is an honest man who has strong convictions.

Finally, Utterson is a good man because he loves his community. Not only does he try to help Mr. Hyde by letting him stay in his house for free, but he also gives away all of his money to poor people. Utterson may be a lawyer but he is not heartless like most other men of his time.

What kind of person is Mr. Utterson?

Gabriel John Utterson Utterson, a distinguished and upstanding barrister widely recognized in the London community, is restrained, respectable, and possibly even lacking in creativity, yet he does appear to have a covert interest in the more sinister side of life. He is an honest man who enjoys his work and cares for those less fortunate than himself. Although not particularly religious, he believes in justice and fairness, which are more than can be said for many people in Victorian London.

Utterson was born on August 21st, 1823 in London, the only child of Thomas Utterson, a well-to-do stockbroker who served as an officer for the East India Company. His mother was Katherine (née Lewis) who came from a family of Welsh merchants. She died when Gabriel was only nine years old, leaving him an orphan with no other family members living nearby. This must have been a difficult time for young Gabriel who had to now rely on himself alone for survival. However, he did have his father's support who took him into his office and made sure he received an excellent education. By the time he reached the age of 16, Gabriel was already working at the law firm of Maclay, Strickland & Co. where he learned the trade from two of London's most renowned lawyers: William Maclay and Alexander Strickland.

During his spare time, Gabriel enjoyed reading about history and archaeology.

Why is Mr. Utterson important?

Mr. Utterson plays an important part in the novel, serving as the "eyes" of "conscience" through which we, the readers, analyze the majority of the narrative. Mr. Utterson discusses the bizarre happenings surrounding his dear friend Jekyll and his mystery link with Hyde step by step, with remarkable patience and discernment.

He is a successful lawyer by trade but spends most of his time reading ancient texts and playing chess with his friend Dr. Lanyon. They share many adventures together while investigating various cases, usually resulting from strange occurrences caused by the curse of the Mummy's Curse or some other occult force. One day Mr. Utterson receives a letter from America informing him that his brother Frank has died in New York after living there for several years. Shortly afterward, Mr. Utterson sees someone he believes to be his dead brother come into his office wearing identical clothes to those that Frank was buried in. Frightened, he asks Dr. Lanyon for help, who in turn calls on Jekyll for advice. It turns out that this was only a test run by Jekyll before he informed Mr. Utterson that he could no longer deal with cases because they were too dangerous for his health. So Mr. Utterson decides to fight crime instead by starting his own detective agency.

Mr. Utterson is a highly regarded member of London's high society, so much so that many people believe he must be hiding something sinister about his past.

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