Is there a way to hide your friends on MySpace?

Is there a way to hide your friends on MySpace?

This will conceal your friends while keeping the view all link active. Copy and paste the following codes into your about me page. Go to your profile's customization page, hover over your friends area, and select'remove module. They can always be reintroduced.

How can I remove my friends from my Myspace profile?

Copy and paste the following code into the CSS box under "customize profile." Go to your profile's customization page, hover over your friends area, and select 'remove module.' To confirm the deletion of your pals, click "yes." They can always be reintroduced. What's trending on

Make a scroll box with everything you can think of. You name it: text, images, HTML code! Use... These codes will conceal just your friends from your Myspace page. Codes for both Myspace and Facebook

These codes will conceal your age, gender, location, last login, headline, and online now next to your Create and personalize a drop-down list with a "Go" button that includes your favorite websites. It may be... Make interesting, personalized text and picture links.

Is there a way to delete all your Facebook friends?

If required, scroll down and click the "Delete All" option. In this view, you will see a list of people's names, and you can remove certain persons rather than all of them if you choose. For those of you who just want to view Facebook friends, we've highlighted the "Delete All" feature. 3. Once on the Friends page, simply locate the people you want to delete and click the X next to their name. You'll be asked for approval for any other user over the age of 13.

How do you hide your friends on your Facebook profile?

Instead, you must take the following steps: On the blue bar at the top of the screen, select Profile. Scroll down to the bottom of your friends list and click on the pencil to the right of "Friends": Uncheck the "Show friend list to everyone" box: Now only people who know your email address can see that information.

How can I put my Facebook friends on private?

To do so, navigate to your profile page and click or touch the "Friends" button. Select an audience for your friends list from the privacy drop-down menu. You can also hide specific friends by clicking or touching their names one at a time and selecting the "Private" option from the drop-down menu.

How can I hide my name on my Facebook profile?

In the upper-left corner, click the Facebook icon. Select "Edit Profile" from the menu on the left. Next to each entry in your profile, click the "Edit" button. Then click "Save Changes" and go to the next one. This will prevent others from viewing your name or any other details about you.

How can I hide my Facebook followers from the public?

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  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Click the Friends tab (under profile photo along Timeline, About, Photos, Friends, More)
  3. Click the pencil Edit icon.
  4. Select Edit Privacy.

How can I hide my mutual friends' list?

How to Remove Mutual Facebook Friends from Your Friend List To begin, sign in to your Facebook account by clicking here. There is now a filter option there. Simply click on it. To view your friend list, click on Friends. Simply choose your common buddy who you wish to remove from your profile and you're done.

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