Is there a correlation between music tastes and personality type?

Is there a correlation between music tastes and personality type?

According to new studies from throughout the world, a person's preferred music genre is closely related to his or her personality. Professor Adrian North of Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, UK, has conducted the biggest research of musical preferences and personality types to date. His study included over 3,000 people from six different countries with varying cultural backgrounds. It revealed that people have strong associations between their personalities and the genres that they enjoy most. These associations can apply to all kinds of music, from classical to hip hop.

Here are the top five most popular genres according to Professor North's research:

1. Pop/Rock. This genre makes up nearly a third of all songs played on radio stations around the world. It is followed by other genres such as R&B/Soul, Classical, Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Hip Hop/Raps, and Country.

2. Rock. This is another popular genre that you will hear on radio stations everywhere. It was at number two in Professor North's study because it's association with masculinity explains its popularity among men. Women like this genre too but prefer artists such as Lady Gaga, Pink, and Christina Aguilera.

3. Rap. The most popular genre among teenagers, rap is a kind of music that uses words instead of notes to tell a story. It originated in America but now acts worldwide.

Does the music you listen to reflect who you are?

Is it possible to alter who you are by listening to your favorite song? According to, "researchers have discovered that persons who love particular types of music tend to reflect distinct psychological qualities." Listening to your preferred type of music on a daily basis might have an effect on your personality.

Scientists at Yale University conducted a study to investigate whether people can change their personalities with radio stations. They asked participants to write down everything they did each day for one week. Then they had them listen to different types of music for two hours a day for seven days. After this period, they asked participants to do it again - this time writing down everything they thought and felt each day for one week. The researchers wanted to see if individuals changed their behavior or not after being exposed to different genres of music. They found that people's behaviors changed depending on the type of music they listened to. For example, participants reported feeling happier, less anxious, and more active after listening to songs with a strong beat.

In another experiment, scientists played different types of music to children in order to measure how this affected their behavior. They found that when jazz was played loudly outside of a child's room, he or she was more likely to act aggressively than if other types of music were played at the same volume. This shows that even though jazz is considered a fun genre of music, it can also be harmful if heard in large quantities.

Does your music taste reflect your personality?

However, a person's musical tastes do not reveal anything about their personality. We all listen to music, whether it's an African tribe rocking or a DJ spinning on Tomorrowland's mainstage. It is a part of our everyday existence. Of course, there have been several research on music vs. personality but these studies are quite limited since they only look at what kind of music people like and not why they like it.

There are two ways in which your music preferences may indicate something about you as a person: tradition and experience.

Tradition: some cultures value and prefer certain types of music while others don't care for any particular type. For example, among the Japanese culture, traditional music such as jazz and classical pieces are popular while hip hop and R&B are less known. In other words, it is traditional for the Japanese to like one type of music but not another. Similarly, in Latin America, traditional songs by famous artists are widely played during fiestas or on radio stations while most of the population listens to pop music. Again, this shows that some cultures have a preference for certain types of music while others don't care much for any specific genre.

Experience: people usually like what they know, so if you live with someone who likes the same type of music you do, then you will probably also like that type of music.

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