Is Sakura stronger than Kenpachi?

Is Sakura stronger than Kenpachi?

Add to that the fact that Sakura is a woman, and Nnoitra will enter the bout with a big ego. Unfortunately for him, Sakura is stronger than Kenpachi, making her the second woman to humiliate Espada, who is rated fifth.

Sakura started off as a street fighter who took on many opponents in order to survive. She was always one step away from being arrested by police officers who wanted to put her out of business for good. However, she found another way to fight back at them: boxing. After some time, she became one of the best fighters in her city, which led to many opportunities coming her way. One such opportunity was when a famous fighter named Ashura Ibuki asked her to help him defeat an enemy he had never met before: Nnoitra Kitabatake, the 13th espada. Although Sakura knew nothing about this man other than what she had been told, Ashura promised her large rewards if she would take on his challenge. Not only did she accept, but she also defeated Nnoitra without breaking a sweat! After this incident, people began calling her "Sakura Godmother" because of how easily she managed to defeat such a powerful opponent.

Now, it's your turn.

Is Uraraka better than Sakura?

Sakura is the victor. Much stronger, with considerably more battle experience and training, and possibly more endurance as a result of Tsunade's training. But still only a child. While Uraraka is already a young woman, and has been trained from an early age in the ways of the ninja.

In terms of skill level, they are equal. Both have great chakra control, powerful techniques, and are excellent at what they do. It's just that Sakura has had more time to practice her skills.

Sakura has been given a role as a princess by her father. Thus she needs to learn how to act like one even if it's not who she truly is. Meanwhile, Uraraka was raised by her mother after their death. She has no knowledge of life outside of the village or any royal duties. So she can focus entirely on her training.

As for personality traits, they are very different. Where Sakura is kind-hearted and lovesanimals, Uraraka is friendly but also serious and determined.

However, both girls have good hearts and are loyal to those they love. And both are smart enough to understand what others need from them. Uraraka just happens to be more open about it.

Who can beat Sakura?

Orochimaru. She is the world's third strongest individual, behind Sasuke and Naruto, and Orochimaru is likely the fourth. He's generally very unkillable, but as Tsunade counters Orochimaru, Sakura being the second Tsunade implies she counters him as well. Also, since when does a fox demon know human anatomy?

Sasuke. He's probably the most powerful fighter in the series, even more than Naruto. And he's been training with Orochimaru for six years so it's not like he's no match for Sakura either.

Naruto. He has perfect chakra control which makes him almost impossible to kill, except for one thing: death matches. In these matches, the last person standing wins. So if you want to kill someone, challenge them to a death match.

What is the difference between Sakura and Kisame?

The main differentiator, though, is Sakura's skill as a strategist. Furthermore, her medical ninjutsu and Byakugou will allow her to combat Kisame for a long time. Finally, she has an important role to play in the final battle.

Sakura is the daughter of Tsunade and one of the five original Uchiha siblings. She was also the best friend of Sasuke until they became enemies. After witnessing her brother use his powers against them, she decided to leave everything behind and travel with Naruto to avoid being killed by him too. However, once they arrive at the village, she decides to return home to stop Itachi from killing her father. During this time, she learns that her brother has been taken hostage by Madara and plans to kill him to save their father. Once again, she leaves to go after Naruto but this time she doesn't come back.

In the new world, she continues to fight alongside Naruto and others - even when he goes crazy and attacks villagers because of his body changing into its chakra mode - until he finally recovers and they continue together. She is given a new form which includes black hair and tattoos on her face and body. However, she still has her old personality left and does not forget about Sasuke who is now known as Kishimoto.

Is it true that Sakura is a strong ninja?

She's been presented as a weak-emotional ninja, but she's actually quite strong and powerful in hand fighting. Sakura's strength may be attributed entirely to Tsunade and the training she received. She is also an excellent and effective healer. She is a one-of-a-kind. I mean, no one can match Tsunade's healing abilities. And considering how many people she has healed over the years, it's safe to say that no one else could either.

Sakura is the only known human who has ever been able to defeat a genin (the lowest class of ninja). Even an experienced jounin (ninja master) has trouble defeating them on occasion. This proves that even though she's young, she's already very talented at handling weapons.

Besides being a skilled fighter, she's also got some useful skills such as plant medicine and healing. All in all, she's become a valuable member of the team.

Sakura is a unique individual with great potential who has managed to turn her weakness into strength. She is a role model for other people who have problems seeing their strengths.

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