Is it OK to post pictures of yourself on Instagram?

Is it OK to post pictures of yourself on Instagram?

A decent rule of thumb is to ask oneself, "Will this make someone hungry or make them want to vomit?" Do not publish the image if the answer is "throw up." Images of yourself with a watermark that were uploaded on a website are never appropriate. Even if the image is only available for a short time, other people could find it and use it without your permission.

The first thing to understand is that it's not actually "posting" anything. The term "post" has two different meanings in English: it can also mean "to put up," so technically speaking, you aren't posting at all. Rather, you're "liking" something or some things. This action allows you to indicate which images you like within the Instagram platform.

From a legal standpoint, yes, you can post pictures of yourself on Instagram. However, if you want to keep your image(s) off of public view, we recommend using private tags instead. These allow you to specify which friends can see your photo while still allowing others to follow you.

We also advise you against posting images with guns, violence, or sexually suggestive content. These types of images can lead to criminal charges against you.

Finally, do not post images containing mature content or content prohibited by law. This includes images with violent or sexual subject matter as well as photos of drugs and alcohol.

Should you post pictures of yourself online?

If you are prudent, posting your photos on the internet is at most innocuous. However, it is a terrible thing if you are searching for acceptance and are easily hurt, or if you upload images of yourself in compromising settings. The best advice here is to be careful who you show your photos to and don't put yourself in situations where you could be sexually assaulted.

In conclusion, yes, you should post pictures of yourself online if you are comfortable with it and only do so with the knowledge that nothing you post will be held against you.

Is it okay to post mirror selfies?

When it's okay — and when it's not – to post a selfie. As long as you don't post selfies in the following conditions, your selfies will probably be a fairly harmless addition to your social media profiles—as long as you avoid the duck face and any posture in front of your bathroom mirror.

If you try to pose in a way that makes you look good, they'll probably get some attention from the right people. If you try to pull a Justin Bieber by bragging about your image app, you'll probably get banned.

Generally speaking, it's fine to post mirror selfies if you're in a comfortable place with easy access to a mirror. Most people won't think anything of it unless you go out of your way to draw attention to yourself or make a fool of yourself.

It's also fine to post mirror selfies if they reflect something interesting or important that would otherwise be missed. For example, if there's breaking news that requires you to update your status immediately, then do so without worrying about whether it looks good enough in the photo.

Last but not least, posting mirror selfies is acceptable if it helps you deal with some kind of emotional distress. For example, if you feel depressed, anxious, or guilty and need to release some stress, then posting a mirror selfie may give you the courage you need to move forward.

Is it okay to post pictures of people?

Photographs taken in public places are nearly usually permissible. You may upload and publish them for any reason other than commercial or promotional, as long as it does not imply a link or endorsement. Here's a sample release that you're welcome to utilize.

Sample personal image release.

The key here is to make sure that you do not use the images in a way that implies an association with you or your business. For example, if you take photographs at music festivals and tag them "festival photography" or something similar, this could be considered an advertisement and be subject to copyright laws. If you want to share these photos, then you will need to obtain permission from each person in the photo.

It is also important to note that some people may find this kind of photo posting inappropriate or disrespectful, so please use common sense and discretion when deciding what content to post.

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