Is it legal to download Facebook videos?

Is it legal to download Facebook videos?

Downloading videos without authorization is a violation of the law. Simply provide the URL of the video page in your post, and Facebook will embed a video player. Your comments will appear below the video.

Why can’t I download videos from Facebook?

The video you wish to download is not public. The URL of the Facebook video is not recognized by your downloader. Your Facebook downloader is no longer up to date. Some applications on your device may cause your Facebook downloader to fail. Try a different browser or computer.

Can you download a video from Facebook to your computer?

When you download a video from Facebook, you get your own copy on your phone or computer. You may simply share it this way without having to navigate through your newsfeed. Here's how to save a Facebook video to your Windows or Mac computer, iPhone, or Android smartphone.

On a desktop computer, go to and click the button that says "Download Video." A prompt will pop up, asking you which application you'd like to use to view the file. Select an app that supports streaming videos, such as VLC media player. The video will start playing in the selected program. It won't interrupt what you're doing on Facebook and it won't post to your timeline -- it's just for viewing purposes.

On a mobile device, go to the Facebook website or app and search for the video. Click on the video to start downloading it. Then open the app of your choice and find the video in your downloads folder. This method works for iPhones and most other iOS devices. For Android phones and tablets, go to the Facebook website or app and search for the video. Once the download is complete, open a web browser and go to your device's storage area to find the video.

Facebook videos can be fun to watch but they take up space on your device. To free up space, you can delete any old videos or photos.

How to download Facebook videos without special software?

How to Download Facebook Videos Without Using Special Software (Ninja Method!) Step 1: Navigate to the page. Go to the page where the video was placed. Then, on the left, select the "Video" tab. Step 2: Locate the video. Step 3: Save the video to your computer. There are many different programs that can help you save a video from Facebook. We will discuss three of them here.

Windows users can use Google Chrome to save videos from Facebook. Open Facebook and go to the video you want to save. Select the "Download" icon on the right side of the browser window. A popup box will appear asking you if you want to save or open the file. Select "Save file". The file will be saved in the Downloads folder on your computer. Use this link to find out where on your computer this folder is located:

Firefox users can use the DownloadHelper plugin to save videos from Facebook. Go to Facebook and locate the video you want to save. You can find out where this folder is located by going to Tools -> DownloadHelper -> Get Default Folder.

How can I download videos from Facebook without the app?

If asked, sign in to your Facebook account. Now, use the tab key to launch the video in a new window. Tap the three-dot symbol in the video player's bottom right corner, or long-press on the video until you see the Download video option, then tap it to begin downloading the video. The file will be saved to your Photos library.

How can I download Facebook videos without any software for Android?

3. Make use of an online website or an extension

  1. is an easy solution. Add the video URL you copied above, paste it, and click download.
  2. KeepVid is another simple option. Same instructions as above!
  3. GetFVid is for those times when you need to save a Facebook video that’s shared on a private Group. And it’s simple to do!

How to download videos from my Facebook account?

1. The first step is to go to Facebook and search for the video you want to download. Once you've located the video, right-click on it and select "Copy Link Address," or just open the movie's link in a new tab and copy its URL. Make a note of the Facebook video link address.

2. Now, return to your Google Chrome browser and visit A popup window will appear with a list of sites that are trusted by If everything goes well, a message indicating so will be displayed at the top of your browser window once the video has been downloaded successfully.

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