Is Black Eye Friday a northern thing?

Is Black Eye Friday a northern thing?

Ms. Thompson-Curl believes the moniker Black Eye Friday is regional, with individuals in the north-east of England frequently adopting it. Northern Ireland had the biggest proportion of searches for Black Eye Friday in the UK, according to Google Trends, followed by England.

The advent of Black Friday as a national retail holiday in the United States caused much confusion when it was first introduced there in 1994. Some retailers extended their holiday hours on that day, while others did not. The term "Black Friday" eventually was adopted by those who preferred to shop early in order to get the best deals available on products such as televisions and computers.

In Canada, the first Canadian Black Friday took place in 1999, when Metro Toronto held its first Black Friday sale. In 2004, Cabela's began selling all its products 20 percent off that year, which led to many other stores following suit. In 2005, Walmart entered the Canadian market, introducing its own version of Black Friday called "Clearance Events", which have become popular across Canada.

In Australia, Black Friday was first observed in 2003, when Big W started a promotional weekend where all products were reduced by up to 50 percent of their normal price. This became an annual event after 2006, when it was repeated again by Big W. Other major Australian retailers include Kmart (who renamed their event "Cyber Monday"), Target, and Wal-Mart.

Which states observe Black Friday?

However, Black Friday is a state holiday in almost half of the United States. California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, and others are among them. In addition to being a legal day off, employees in these states also receive an additional day of paid leave if they work on Black Friday.

The holiday was first celebrated by retailers in 1975 in response to the increasing number of people who were going shopping on Thanksgiving Day. Before then, stores didn't open until after noon on Thanksgiving Day. By opening early on that holiday, retailers hoped to draw more customers their way and make up for the lost sales over the following week around Christmas.

In some states, such as Arkansas, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Wyoming, Black Friday is a public holiday. In other states, such as Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia, it's not a holiday, but instead consists of just another regular business day.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday in Australia?

It's a strange shopping phenomena that's made its way over the Pacific and enslaved Australian consumers. So, Black Friday got its moniker because so many people went out to buy (after Thanksgiving) that it caused traffic accidents and, in some cases, violence.

The concept of "Black Friday" came to Australia when American retailers began promoting their seasons' end sales early in November. Our equivalent would be the beginning of the Christmas season! The early sales gave Australians an opportunity to get good prices on items such as televisions, computers, and phones.

In recent years, Australian retailers have been increasing their advertising efforts for these promotions, which now start as early as October. This has led to complaints from some shoppers who say they don't have enough time to spend money during what should be a relaxing holiday period.

What about Monday Madness? That's another name for these promotions. Monday Madness started in Australia in 2001 when one store held a sale on Monday mornings instead of on Fridays like Black Friday sales used to be held. The idea caught on, and now most major retailers hold a sale somewhere between late Thursday and early Saturday each year.

Saturday sales are becoming more common here in Australia too. Many stores will have special events on Saturday afternoons where you can receive discounts if you visit them then.

Finally, there's Cyber Monday.

Why is Black Friday in November?

The term "Black Friday" was first used to refer to the day following Thanksgiving in the journal Factory Management and Maintenance in November 1951 and again in 1952. It was referring to the practice of employees calling in ill the day following Thanksgiving in order to have a four-day weekend. Since then, it has become an annual event for retailers to begin their holiday seasons early.

Originally, the phrase "black friday" was used to describe any weekday off-season sale. But since its inception in 1955, Black Friday has only been observed on November 23rd each year.

After World War II, when manufacturing jobs were plentiful and wages were low, stores could not make enough money during the regular season to justify opening early and closing late, so they decided to give customers a reason to buy products before Christmas. So, they created a special day where people would come out and shop until they dropped from exhaustion. This is how the phrase "black friday" became associated with the holiday season.

Nowadays, retailers use other strategies to get consumers into stores on Black Friday. Some offer special deals all year round, while others limit the discounts to that one single day. No matter what the strategy is, just like with Christmas, Easter, and other holidays, retailers want to get you into their stores as soon as possible after the official start of the holiday shopping season on November 1st.

Do other countries celebrate Black Friday?

Currently, an estimated 50–60% of the world's 195 nations "celebrate" Black Friday in some form or another. In Europe, for example, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany have all begun to embrace Black Friday in the previous three to four years. In the UK, it is known as “Cyber Monday” and in France it is called “Black Tuesday”.

In Europe, retailers begin advertising their prices on Thursday, which is when Europeans think of Black Friday. Stores in the UK open at midnight on Thanksgiving Day (the equivalent of American Black Friday) and close at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve. French stores also open at midnight on Thanksgiving but they stay open until 9 p.m. on New Year's Eve. German stores do not open until after midnight on Christmas Eve but they close at 3 p.m. on New Year's Eve.

Thanksgiving in the US is celebrated annually on the fourth Thursday in November. It was created by Congress in 1789 as a national holiday celebrating what we now call "The First Thanksgiving".

In addition to America and Europe, there are several other regions of the world where Black Friday is celebrated including Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

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