Is an IQ of 146 good?

Is an IQ of 146 good?

Yes, an IQ of 146 is considered high. In fact, a 146 IQ indicates that you are very intelligent and sophisticated. A 146 IQ would place you in the elite echelons of this society's highly brilliant people. To put it in context, the majority of IQ scores range from 40 to 140. Therefore, a score of 146 shows that you are extremely intelligent.

IQ tests usually measure your intelligence at one specific time. The test does not take into account how you may have changed over time. Thus, someone who starts off at a low point on the intelligence scale and improves over time could have a higher final score than someone who is very intelligent to begin with.

It is important to remember that the IQ test is only a tool to estimate your intelligence; it cannot tell us everything about you or your abilities. For example, an IQ of 146 does not mean that you will always be intelligent or that you can solve every problem that comes your way. Also, it does not guarantee that you will become a genius if you get the chance to study for years without any limit. However, having a high IQ does help; it is a advantage that many other people don't have.

In conclusion, an IQ of 146 is very high; it means that you are very intelligent. This doesn't mean that you will always be the smartest person in the room but it does mean that you have the potential to be so.

How good is an IQ of 142?

Yes, 142 is a respectable IQ score. In fact, a 142 IQ indicates that you are very intelligent and sophisticated. The average IQ fluctuates between 80 and 120. A score of 142 shows that you are above average intelligence.

The quality of your education also plays a role in how smart you are. For example, if you have a PhD, this means that you have been studying for many years and have obtained a very high level degree. Therefore, it can be assumed that you are extremely intelligent.

It is also important to remember that there is no correct or incorrect way to think. Everyone has their own unique way of processing information that makes them very intelligent or not so intelligent.

Intelligence is a trait that can be improved through hard work and determination. There are many people who have an IQ below 100 who have succeeded in other fields because they have applied themselves seriously. Anyone who thinks they are not intelligent enough cannot find fault with their efforts; they just need to try harder!

What does it mean to have an IQ of 129?

A 129 IQscore is a good score, only one point below 130. A 129-point IQ What this score means: it is the result of a number of factors, either biological, environmental, or behavioral, reflecting greater levels of abstract thinking, rapid brain processing speed, and the capacity to develop correlations between seemingly unrelated data. These traits are all considered positive attributes, making someone with an IQ of 129 a highly capable person who has many advantages over others around them.

Some studies have suggested that individuals with IQ scores above 150 are extremely rare. Other studies have shown that higher IQ scores are not as rare as people might think; they're just more common among men than among women. The study of high IQ scores is known as "high-IQ culture" because it involves studying people who are born into cultures where intelligence is valued. Scientists have studied high-IQ populations throughout history, including the Greeks, Romans, Jews, and Muslims. They've also looked at modern populations such as those in China, India, and Israel. High IQ scores are found among people of all races and ethnic backgrounds. However, due to racial differences in genetics and environment, the highest-scoring members of any given population will be white males.

People who score very high on cognitive ability tests tend to do well educationally, economically, and even socially. They are likely to be leaders, scientists, artists, politicians, engineers, entrepreneurs, and other highly skilled workers.

What is the IQ score of a genius?

An IQ test yields a score of 100 on average. The majority of persons fall between the ages of 85 and 114. A high IQ is defined as a score of 140 or higher. A genius IQ is one with a score of more than 160. This number is extremely rare.

The highest recorded IQ score on an official test was 188, by Soviet psychologist Leonid S. Vladimirov. He tested several hundred children and reported the results in his book The Genius of Man's Creation. Victor Clube and James V. McConnell wrote that this score is "probably incorrect", since most other psychologists do not agree with including scores for children in this range. They note that many children in institutional care have been found to have IQs above 170, and some have scored as high as 180 or 190.

There are only about 2% of people in the world who have a genius level intelligence. These people are called "geniuses". Intelligence can be measured using tests or exams, such as the IQ test. The highest recorded score on an IQ test is considered to be the genie level. Some people who take these tests may try to cheat by looking up the answer in books or online, which will help them get better scores. There are also lotteries where you can enter your answer before checking it. These are called "practice tests" or "pretests".

What IQ is borderline genius?

How did you fare on this intelligence test? An IQ score of 140 or above suggests that you are a genius or almost such, whereas 120–140 is considered "extremely excellent intellect." The range of intellect from 110 to 119 is referred to as "excellent intelligence," whereas the range of intelligence from 90 to 109 is referred to as "regular or typical intelligence." Intellect scores below 90 are generally considered to indicate severe intellectual impairment or disability.

Genius is commonly defined as a creative person who exhibits prodigy-like abilities during their youth. However, many geniuses exhibit antisocial behavior and fail to maintain relationships over an extended period of time. They may also suffer from anxiety and depression as they grow older. Indeed, many legends, poets, and artists have been diagnosed with psychiatric disorders at some point in their lives. Psychiatrists diagnose people with mental illnesses by looking at their symptoms and conducting clinical interviews with the patient and their family members.

The highest recorded IQ score on a standardized test was 280, which an Indian boy named Arvind Gupta scored on three consecutive days in 1991. He was 11 years old at the time. The youngest person known to have had an IQ score above 150 is a girl named Phoebe Hearn who scored 156 on an oral examination given by psychologist William Sternberg at the University of Iowa Medical School in 1937. She was four years old.

How many would you expect to have an IQS of 110 or higher?

Ranges of intelligence

IQ scaleInterpretation of IQ score% of population
above 130Very gifted2.1%
111-120Above average intelligence15.7%
90-110Average intelligence51.6%

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