How would you describe a self-driven person?

How would you describe a self-driven person?

People that are self-motivated will never give up. Motivated people understand that they are contributing to a greater good. They don't work for money or a vehicle; they labor for a greater cause that motivates them within. And they will not give up because they are striving for a cause greater than themselves.

A self-driven person is driven by a desire to achieve something significant, to make a difference in the world. They may be motivated by a purpose higher than themselves (such as helping others), or by a need for recognition and fame. However, what unites all self-drivers is their willingness to push themselves beyond their limits, to seek out new challenges, to experience new things.

Some self-drivers can be very hard to live with because they won't ever stop trying to do more and better things. They might try to talk you into joining in their quest, but if you want a quiet life, then best avoid getting involved!

Others will go down in history as great men and women. They will leave their mark on this planet we call home, and they will not be forgotten.

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How do you describe someone who is self-driving?

People that are self-motivated work exceptionally hard. They opt to work on their aspirations and objectives whenever they get the opportunity. Rather of wasting time checking Facebook for the newest updates from their pals, they prefer to focus on their goals. These individuals are always looking to better themselves by learning new things and taking on challenges.

Self-driven people follow their instincts and believe in themselves. They don't let others' opinions discourage them from reaching for their dreams. Instead of getting caught up in the many distractions that life brings, these individuals keep their eyes fixed on the goal line waiting for the opportunity to score a touchdown.

People can be self-driven or not. It depends on the person's motivation and determination to succeed. Those who are self-driven always put their interests first and don't hesitate to speak their mind if they feel like it can't be done better another way.

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How do you say self-motivated?

Self-motivated WordHippo Thesaurus provides synonyms... What alternative term for self-motivated might you use?


What is the opposite of a driven person?

Unmotivated is the antonym (opposite) of motivated. "Motivated implies ready to work hard and succeed. Unmotivated refers to a lack of eagerness to work hard and accomplish, or a lack of drive to excel at anything. She is extremely driven and works harder than anyone else. He is not driven at all; he just goes through the motions of life.

Driven people are determined to achieve their goals. They find it difficult to stop once they have started something. Unmotivated people don't feel like doing anything without knowing exactly what should be done. They may appear to be doing nothing, but they are actually planning how they can improve their situation.

There are several words used to describe someone who is not driven: lazy, slacktivist, hedonist, etc. All mean someone who does not want to work hard for success in life. Lazy people do not want to exert themselves to get what they want. They would rather let things happen than try to make them happen. Slacktivism is doing something simply because you feel like it should be done, instead of because it's important to you or someone else. Hedonism is living for today without thinking about tomorrow. Someone who follows this philosophy doesn't care about getting money, love, or anything else that requires effort.

The opposite of driven is unmotivated. A driven person has a purpose in mind when she starts something new.

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