How do I give something to a Battletag friend?

How do I give something to a Battletag friend?

Your buddy may claim the gift by signing into My Gifts or the app. You must have been friends with a BattleTag buddy for at least three days in order to present something to them. After they claim their gift, you will be able to see it listed under "My Gifts".

How do I gift something to a friend on Blizzard?

BattleTag The gift will be delivered to your friend's Blizzard App. Your buddy may claim the gift by going into My Gifts or the Blizzard app. If you haven't been friends for three days, then you cannot send them a gift.

The first time you send a gift to a friend, you will need to enter their BattleTag so that it can be associated with their account. After that, you can send them gifts every day without having to re-enter their BattleTag again.

Gifting is only available in certain regions of the world. See here for more information about region restrictions when it comes to sending gifts to friends on

How long do you have to be friends on Battlenet to get a gift?

Three whole days You must have been friends with a BattleTag buddy for at least three days in order to present something to them. This limit includes the day the friend requests you.

There is no restriction on how many gifts you can give or receive per day. However, the more gifts you send or receive, the faster your credit will run out.

BattleNet balances are refreshed every hour and any outstanding credits will be refreshed along with it. So if you want to keep sending gifts after what time zone you're in, you'll need to stay online for an hour more than everyone else.

How do I gift Blizzard products to

On the following page, you may enter your friend's BattleTag or email address. We'll deliver the present to your friend's App. The process is free and easy.

Can you gift a World of Warcraft item to a friend?

If you give a World of Warcraft item as a gift, your recipient must have a World of Warcraft account. Some goods can only be gifted to BattleTag friends and do not allow for the emailing of a code. These include character skins, mount skins, pet skins, and music tracks.

You can find the list of acceptable items here:

Items that are considered "goods" include weapons, armor, accessories, mounts, pets, and toys. The item has to be legal to play in-game and cannot be banned or restricted by Blizzard. Tradeable assets such as spells or abilities are not valid gifts.

If you want to gift an item but don't want to spend money, check out our guide on how to gift items with gold. You can also use a service like GoldKingdom to buy items then gift them in one transaction. Such services usually charge a fee for their service.

Gifting is available to US players only. If you want to gift an item to a non-US player, this person will need to join the community before they can receive gifts. They will then be able to accept the gift after they have created a account.

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