How do you get the most recent news on Facebook?

How do you get the most recent news on Facebook?

Consider switching from "top stories" to "most current" if you use Facebook to get political news. (You'll find it on the left-hand rail, under "Favorites.") Consider augmenting your Facebook diet with news from other sources. Google News has a feature called "What's new over here?" that will show you updates from sites like The New York Times and CNN, as well as local newspapers.

If you only want to read news about celebrities and sports, click the "Explore" button at the top of any news page. This will take you to a wide-ranging collection of content; some relevant, some not. You can then filter what you see by interest or topic.

The default setting for most websites is to list news that have been updated in the past few days at the top of your screen. If you'd rather wait until there's something new, change the date range to "All time."

Facebook uses a combination of factors to determine which stories to show you. Some factors are related to your activity on the site (such as who you're friends with), while others are more broad based (how many times people have clicked through to each story).

New stories appear at the top of your feed in reverse order of importance. That is, the most recent story is displayed first. Older stories are displayed later.

Is there a way to sort the Facebook news feed by the most recent posts?

Technically, the business has allowed users to arrange feeds by "most recent," but it has hidden it in a settings box. Last October, Facebook also introduced the Favourites feature, which allows users to choose up to 30 friends and pages to receive updates from in a separate stream. Users can switch between their regular feed and their favourite feed at any time.

Where is the stories section on Facebook?

At the top of your friends' or followers' Facebook News Feed: Your article will show in the Stories area at the top right of their Facebook News Feed. Your article will be the first in this section to appear at the top of your own news feed. The more people that like, comment on, or share your article, the higher it will rank.

For example, if you create a story using our template and then publish it, the new story will automatically display in your News Feed with the "Stories" label next to it. Your friends will be able to see it too. If they like the story, some of them will click on the Like button below the headline. That means your potential audience will grow by these friends who will also see your new post.

When your article is published in their News Feed, you'll receive a notification email. In addition, you can find out how many times your article has been read by checking the number next to "Views".

Your job is now done - your article is created and ready to go! As you may have noticed, there are several ways to get your article published including using Facebook tools such as Messenger or WhatsApp. But we want to focus on the free method today.

The process is very simple and takes just a few minutes.

Is Facebook a good source for news?

Facebook is the most popular social media news source, garnering more than twice as many news readers as the next largest social network. 43% of Americans say they acquire at least part of their news from Facebook. In comparison, Twitter has a 12 percent share and Snapchat has a 5% share.

About one in five American adults gets at least part of its news from Facebook, far outstripping any other channel. Television news is second with 14%. Newspapers and magazines are third with 11% followed by radio (9%) and the web (3%).

When it comes to which type of news people get from each medium, there's a clear divide between facts and opinion. People on Facebook like Trump and his team are fond of saying "the truth is racist". However, evidence suggests that racism is not the reason why conservative news sources tend to be more trusted than others. Instead, studies show that this phenomenon is due to conservatives' preference for factual information over speculation and their distrust of mainstream media.

In conclusion, Facebook is a very influential source of news for many Americans. Conservatives trust it more than others because it provides them with facts rather than opinions. This means that Trump's team can spread fake news without fearing the backlash from liberals who find his strategy dangerous and unacceptable.

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