How do you add Facebook Emoticons to Facebook Chat?

How do you add Facebook Emoticons to Facebook Chat?

Emoticons may be added to Facebook chat, Facebook messages, status updates, and your profile page. For additional information about faces, go to Facebook emoticons:. Unless otherwise specified, community material is licensed under CC-BY-SA. The best way to share creative content is by making copies for yourself or others.

To add an emoji to Facebook chat: 1 Select the message option; 2 Click on the emoji icon; 3 Select the one you want from the list.

Are there any smiley-face emoticons for Facebook?

Emoticons, sometimes known as "smileys," may be used to add context and emotion to your Facebook Chat messages. Facebook Chat comes with a number of smileys that you can instantly add by inputting the appropriate code. You're aware that you may now download Clker's Smiley Face clip art and associated pictures. offers a variety of sizes and related photos for free.

How do you use emoticons in Facebook chat?

Facebook users may use personalized emoticons to communicate and instant message with their pals. You only need a page, a profile ID, or a username. Facebook will allow you to utilize their profile picture as your chat emoji.

To use emoticons in Facebook chat, go to your Messages menu and click on the New Conversation button. Then choose Emoticons as the Applet. You can now add smiley faces and other graphical symbols that can represent feelings or actions. There are many available, so have fun!

Note: Only certain emojis are allowed in the text field of a conversation. The list of not allowed emojis can be found under Help in the Messenger app. Also, if you try to type a emoji into the chat box when someone else is typing, a red exclamation point will appear next to their post indicating that character isn't permitted.

Here's how you can add your own emoticon: Click on the "..." button next to the text box, then select an emoji from the pop-up menu.

You can also attach files to your messages. To do this, click on the "..." button next to the text box, then select Attach File from the pop-up menu.

Are there any keyboard shortcuts for emoticons on Facebook?

Without further ado, here's a comprehensive list of Facebook emoticons and keyboard shortcuts. Here's how to put them to use: Enter the code and hit enter to see it appear. Learn about a shark with razor-sharp teeth. More... Looking to the left, a penguin. Continue reading... Face of a robot Continue reading... A cheerful smiling face Continue reading... A sad face With tears streaming down his face. A heart A smiley face With lips that curve up at the corners. A screaming face Full of fear! A confused look On the verge of crying. A thunderstorm With lightning and rain. A sunset Over a beautiful beach. A morning sun Rising over the ocean. A rainbow A happy face With smiling eyes. A cool looking device That does everything for you. A TV screen Action scenes from movies. A camera Lens icon Marked with a red circle. Can be used instead of taking photos. Get inspired by watching others' photos and videos. A microphone Icon with a blue microphone. Used in video calls. Connect with friends and family via video call. A telephone Connecting two phones together. Call someone who is online. A white phone box With a red "1" symbol on it. Used in old-fashioned phone calls. A black and white television Screen that changes depending on what you're watching.

How to make a penguin emoticon on Facebook?

What is the best way to utilize the penguin emoji on Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Gchat, text messaging, and other platforms? By inputting these unique letters, you can make text penguin emoticons and smiley faces. Please feel free to copy and paste them wherever you'd like (e.g., FB chat).

To use this emoji on all your social media platforms, we recommend using Unicode 8.0. You can find more information about how to download and install Unicode characters at

Here are the steps for making a penguin emoticon:

1. Press and hold CTRL and then click on the smiley face icon next to the # symbol in the location bar. This will open up a menu where you can select which character you would like to use from the available list. Select "Penguin" from the list.

2. A black box with a white question mark inside of it will appear in place of the smiling face. This is the penguin emoji. Click inside this box to delete it or anywhere outside of it to remove it from your post.

3. If you want to add some flair to your message, you can type something before clicking the # symbol again. For example, if you wanted to write "I love you," you could type "ILOVEYOU" before pressing CTRL and clicking the smiley face again.

How do I add emojis to my Facebook?

In the status posting box on Facebook, there is an emoji drop-down selection.

  1. Start by composing a new Facebook status update.
  2. Click the Smiley Face icon on the bottom right side of the update status area to open a new menu.
  3. Select any emoji you want to include in your Facebook status.

How do you make an angel on Facebook?

Facebook has programmed a penguin, a robot, and an angel as emoticons for its chat tool. 1. Find a buddy with whom you'd want to begin a chat conversation. 2. The sidebar on the right side of any Facebook page displays a list of your Facebook friends who are currently signed in. A green dot represents a buddy who is on Facebook and available to speak. A red dot means they're not available right now, while a blue dot indicates a friend who was recently logged out. You can click their name to send them a private message - or post a comment on someone else's wall.

An angel appears when a user logs into Facebook via a desktop browser. They can be clicked to start a chat conversation that only the two people involved can see. Like many features on Facebook, angels first appeared on mobile devices and were later made available on the web.

Angels have become quite popular among users on Facebook. There are several reasons why people might want to create an angel profile including: as a joke, to entertain friends, to ask for help, or even to seek revenge.

To create your own angel on Facebook, click the "Add an Angel" button on the sidebar. This will take you to a page where you can choose an emoji from a pre-programmed list. After selecting an icon, you'll need to give it a brief description before saving and closing the page. Your new angel will then appear on the sidebar within Facebook's chat feature.

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