How do you add a topic to your Twitter profile?

How do you add a topic to your Twitter profile?

Select Topics from your Topics menu. Select Topics from your profile icon menu. 2 Tap the Follow Some Topics button to browse by category type, such as entertainment, gaming, sports, and so on. 3. When you're finished, hit Done. Your topics will appear below the icon.

What to do if you are not interested in a topic on Twitter?

If you do not want to see certain topics, click the button, and they will be moved to the Not Interested section. If you change your mind, you may always opt to follow these topics. Navigate to a tweet regarding a topic you're presently following in your home timeline. Click the Not Interested icon next to it.

Click the icon again to return to following that topic.

How do you check the trending topics on Twitter?

Trending themes include the ten subjects listed below. Many individuals are active in the transmission of popular issues, and using these simple techniques, you may check trending themes. 1. You must use your Twitter account to sign in. 2. On the right hand side, there are ten themes, some with # Hashtags, that list popular issues throughout the world. 3. To see what's hot now, simply type a question about what's going on around the world and see what answers come up.

How do I customize my Twitter topic?

You'll see suggestions to follow various subjects in your profile menu, on your home timeline, and in search results. Simply follow the topic, and we'll tailor your Twitter experience to include related tweets, events, and advertisements.

To follow a topic, click the button next to "follow" or "favorite" on the relevant tweet, and then click the menu icon next to "following" or "favorites." Select the topic, and you're all set.

If you ever want to stop following a topic, click the menu icon next to "following" or "favorites," select "stop following," and then enter a reason if you want. Click the button next to "stop following" to confirm your choice.

The best way to find out what topics interest you is to browse through others' profiles. You can also use specific searches to find people to follow, such as @username or #hashtag.

Be sure to only follow people who are real people. Some users try to abuse the system by creating multiple accounts with different names but the same email address. These accounts will be followed by default because they're already in your list of followers, so you should be able to tell which ones are fake.

How can I edit my profile picture on Twitter?

Now, let's go back to the point. Tap on your profile photo in the top left corner of this screen to alter your picture, which appears rather large on screen: The Edit button on the lower left is the most important item to notice. To proceed, tap "Edit," and you'll be sent to the primary profile edit screen: Here, you can add a new headshot by tapping the camera icon at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Take care not to touch the white background when editing your photo.

Your new photo will appear once you've saved your changes. Now, find your way back to your home timeline by clicking on your avatar in the top left corner of the screen again.

How do I change the view on Twitter?

Tap the symbol in the top menu. Press the arrows to switch to your preferred timeline view, or tap View content preferences to access your options.

How can I see other people’s topics on Twitter?

Go to Twitter Interests in Your Twitter Data. At the top, select the "Known For" option. Deselect any topics for which you do not wish to be recognized. You can view the subjects that other people are interested in. You can access their subjects if their Tweets are public, or if they are protected and you have been accepted as a follower.

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