How much is senior membership in the National Trust?

How much is senior membership in the National Trust?

An individual senior membership costs PS54, while a joint senior membership costs PS90. Please phone 0344 800 1895 to let us know you want the discount. All members receive a membership card, pin number, and ID badge for use at any NT property.

In addition, individuals who are 60 years of age or older and active military personnel get a 10% discount on most purchases made from the National Trust shop. The discount applies to items in the gift shop, online, and in person at one of our shops. It does not apply to rentals, productions, workshops, events, tours, or activities.

Individuals who are under 60 years old and active military personnel can also get a 10% discount by showing their identity card at the check-out counter.

Membership cards contain details on how to access the members' area of the website, where you can find out about all sorts of things to do with the National Trust, read about its history, and so on.

Discounts vary depending on your level of membership. There are three different categories: individual, family, and senior (60 and over). Discounts are given for each category.

How much is National Trust membership for seniors?

You will be eligible for the reduced charge if you are 60 or older and have had an individual or joint membership for at least five of the past ten years. These fees cover entry to all National Trust properties in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

In addition, members receive a range of benefits including a quarterly journal, information about special events, offers on member-only activities, discounts on tours and experiences, access to voting records, and more.

The cost of membership depends on where you live in the UK. The following table shows the cost of an annual membership for one person:

Country/Region Cost per year United Kingdom £48.50 Europe excluding Russia £60 Russia £140 America £135 Australia $220 New Zealand $120 South Africa £55

To claim your discount, simply confirm that you are over 60 years old, and present your membership card at the entrance to any National Trust property.

How much is English Heritage membership for over-65s?

Similarly, over 65s can benefit from a lower-cost membership with English Heritage, which provides unrestricted entry to over 400 historic sites around the UK. An annual membership is PS51, whereas an individual adult membership costs PS60. A joint senior membership costs PS78, whereas a normal joint adult membership costs PS105. These prices don't include admission charges or site entrance fees.

English Heritage members receive a regular newsletter and have access to special offers. There are also social events and trips organized by the heritage organization that its members may join.

English Heritage was founded in 1969 to promote and protect England's historic environment. The organization runs more than 300 historic sites across the country, including all the major royal residences. It also manages more than 20,000 acres of land including important battlefields, ruins, and monuments. Its mission is to inspire people to care about the past and present of England.

Membership packages are available on their website at You can choose between three levels of membership: Individual (adult), Joint (adult) and Senior (over-65s).

Individual members get free entry to English Heritage sites. They can make donations to support their work and participate in some community projects too. Membership cards are valid for one year and cost PS60 for adults and PS78 for seniors. Children under 18 years old are free when accompanied by an adult member.

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