How much can I sell my Instagram username for?

How much can I sell my Instagram username for?

I've seen people sell identities for as low as $20 and as much as $10,000. It is truly dependent on a variety of circumstances. First names are usually very valuable because the person with the name is often willing to pay a high price for it. Another crucial consideration is the amount of characters in @username. Usernames with more characters are worth more.

Here's an example: A year ago, I told you how to make money with your Instagram account. At that time, there was a lot of interest in selling names. One user asked what would be a good price for an Instagram username. I said $200 because this number seemed reasonable to me. They ended up selling their name for $320.

Now, one year later, there is still a lot of interest in selling names. But prices have dropped dramatically. In fact, some users have sold their names for as little as $20 or as much as $10,000!

Here's another example: An anonymous user claimed to have sold his name for $7,000. This shows you how popular identity theft is with this type of crime. It's not uncommon at all for someone to try and steal another user's identity by buying their name.

So yes, you can easily sell your Instagram username for money. It's just a matter of finding a buyer who will pay a fair price for it.

Can you buy Instagram usernames?

Purchasing an Instagram Account There are various secondary marketplaces where good usernames may be sold for amounts ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. You may be able to obtain the username if the account becomes "inactive." When this occurs, we recommend that you attempt to purchase the username before it is deleted.

You can only purchase user names that are not taken. If you try to buy a name that is already in use, you will be told as such. All sales are final and there are no cancellations allowed once the order has been placed.

There are several websites that trade usernames for users. Some require that you pay with a credit card while others accept PayPal or other methods of payment. Some allow you to search for available usernames while others do not. Once you find a username you like, you must then email them and make a purchase offer. Sometimes these sites will send you an email when they have a username for sale but most times you have to search themselves.

The amount you are given for a username varies depending on how many followers it has. The more followers an Instagram account has, the higher the price will be. We have seen usernames selling for as little as $10 per million followers and up to $100,000 or more for very popular accounts with millions of followers.

Are 5-letter usernames rare on Instagram?

A 5-letter username has around 60 million possible combinations. Even so, you'll most likely only be able to locate one with rare letters like q, x, w, v, z, and so on. These letters are very useful because they can be used to create unique usernames.

Instagram was designed with social interaction in mind, which means that it's very common for users to use shortened forms of their names as profile IDs. To help users identify other users, Instagram assigns each user a 12 character ID code after removing any spaces or special characters. This ID is used in place of a user's full name and appears next to their photo when they log in or register an account.

Because there are so many available letters, it's unlikely that two people will choose the same sequence of these characters to represent themselves on Instagram. However, if you do come across someone who has the same nickname as you, it's easy to change your own username to avoid conflict.

How much can you sell a twitter account for?

The going amount appears to be roughly $200 for 5,000 followers, or around 4 cents per follower. This will also be influenced by supply and demand. Based on their tweet history, profile configuration, and sector, certain accounts are more valuable than others. For example, the Twitter account for Rolling Stone magazine is valued at $1 million because of its high number of followers (65 million) and engagement with them. Its average price per follow is $0.08.

In addition to following these guidelines, there are other factors that may affect how much you can sell your twitter account for including but not limited to popularity of the account holder, type of business/organization, location, volume of activity, etc.

However, if you own a highly engaged account with many followers at a reasonable price per follow then you could make some money by selling it.

How much can I sell my Instagram account for?

Even if there are no active followers, short, one-word Instagram profiles in coveted categories may sell for as much as a mid-size luxury automobile. We're talking about $20,000 to $50,000 USD per account. In 2019, we're witnessing an increase in such transactions. In fact, one such transaction was reported by TechCrunch on January 23rd of that year.

The buyer offered $150,000 for the account of an influencer who had 10,000 followers at the time. The seller accepted the offer and sold the account later that day.

Since then, other similar transactions have been reported. For example, an account with 830 followers was sold for $15,000; another with 6,280 followers was sold for $50,000; and a third with 17,500 followers was sold for $100,000.

So, it's clear that there is a market for selling Instagram accounts. However, you need to be prepared to accept a low price for your account. Also, don't forget to check the followings of your potential buyers to make sure they are real people.

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