How many users does Last FM have?

How many users does Last FM have?

It may be that Last FM has over 30 million users, but I very much doubt if the majority of these are active. Last FM has a modest number of 'friends' or 'followers' (170), but most of these friend accounts have not been used since 2015, and that says it all about Last FM. Its real-world popularity is probably not more than 5 million users.

Last FM was launched in 2004 by Lukas Zalewski and Adam Groth. It started as a side project for their main job at the time - making music videos for artists on Myspace. After gaining some attention, they decided to make an entire website out of it and called it ''.

Last FM uses your listening history to recommend songs. If you like something that someone else likes, they will know because they will have shown you similar songs in the past. Last FM claims to use over 40 different factors to determine what songs you should hear next. These include: your location, what tags you add to your songs, how many friends are using Last FM, etc.

Last FM's free service limits users to 30000 minutes per month (30 hours) of listening activity. This can be exceeded by paying $4.99 per 1000 minutes (10 hours).

There are several ways to follow what others listen to on Last FM. You can follow individual artists, which shows what albums and tracks they has recently played.

How many total users does Facebook have?

Facebook claimed around 1.85 billion daily active users in the fourth quarter of 2020. (DAU). Daily active users accounted for 66% of all monthly active users. Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with around 2.8 billion monthly active members. It's also the largest digital advertising platform in terms of reach: about 80% of US adults are reached by some form of advertising on the site.

When it launched in 2004, Myspace had about 150 million users. Now it has less than 10 million. Digital music service Spotify has over 160 million users, while its competitor Pandora has about 75 million.

In 2014, Facebook announced that it had 1 billion monthly active users. That's up from 750 million in 2011. Twitter followed a similar path, announcing itself as being used by 300 million people in 2011 before expanding into Europe, Asia, and other regions. Now it claims more than 400 million monthly active users.

There are several ways to estimate the number of internet users. One method is to count how many webpages are viewed on the site per day. If we assume that each page is read in three minutes, this would give us an indication of how many users there are. However, since some people visit multiple pages per visit, this would overestimate the total number of users. Another method is to count how many times users log in to the site per day.

How many current MySpace users are there?

Today, Myspace released some real data to back up this hunch: Myspace currently has 36 million registered users. The site had a 31 million user increase shortly after its formal launch and has maintained a steady pace since then. According to Myspace, the people driving this increase are "millennials and artists."

Before you ask, no, they don't know how many active users there are. But they do have some data on what types of users they have now that will help inform any future growth plans.

For one thing, women account for half of all users. And among users under 25, female representation is even higher at 70 percent. By comparison, Facebook says it has more than 50 percent female users over 18 years old.

MySpace also says that musicians are behind much of the growth. They estimate that one in five users is in some way affiliated with music production or music performance. That's compared to one in seven users on Facebook who are musicians/bands/producers/songwriters.

And while Facebook focuses on students and young adults, Myspace says it attracts people from all walks of life including older users who use it to stay connected with their families back home in India or Brazil. In fact, according to them, nearly 10 percent of users are from countries where English isn't the primary language.

What is a last FM account? provides information on music artists and albums, and if you establish a user profile, you can track the music you listen to in Banshee for free. You may listen to streaming music from on several music clients, including Banshee, if you subscribe as a paid user. also has radio stations that play new releases and older songs by your favorite artists.

As a paid user, you can create custom playlists of songs by an artist or album. You can share these playlists with others via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Users can vote on each other's plays, which helps determine what else gets played. says its community is "the heart and soul" of the site.

The free version of limits users to following 25 artists and listening to 50 songs per day. The premium subscription service increases this limit to 250 artists and 5,000 songs per month.

New features are being added to all the time. In addition to voting on plays and sharing custom playlists, you can now follow artists based on genres like hip hop or rock and roll. See what artists your friends follow, look them up on's directory, and check out their profiles. Discover new music based on what artists you follow. is a popular site with over 10 million users around the world.

How many subscribers does the medium have?

According to the data, the firm presently has around 725,000 paying members. According to one report, the corporation employed over 400,000 employees in 2019. YouTube's free streaming service has almost 1 billion monthly active users. The company estimates that it costs about $10 million a day to run its operation.

All things considered, YouTube is a lucrative endeavor that allows you to create your own path. If you can figure out how to connect with people and make them feel like you understand their needs and want them to succeed, then this can be an excellent way to make money online. The key here is to know what type of video content works best for you, your audience, and for what purpose. For example, if you're trying to sell a product or service, then videos that provide information about your product or service will help people learn more about it. If you're just trying to raise awareness about your brand, then social media campaigns that show your brand through different perspectives can be very effective. The goal is to find a method for creating value for people that doesn't feel like advertising. That means finding a way to connect with your audience and give them reasons to love you. Then once they trust you, they'll keep coming back for more.

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