How many people in the US have a Twitter account?

How many people in the US have a Twitter account?

About a quarter of all adult Americans have a Twitter account. Men and women account for approximately equal proportions of Twitter users. Users, like on Facebook, are younger, notably among 18-to-24-year-olds. 45 percent of people in this age range say they use Twitter. Among those who have never used Twitter, about half cite wanting to read tweets, while one-fifth say they don't have access to a computer.

The number of people with Twitter accounts has increased dramatically since early 2009, when there were just under a million users. It took until mid-2010 for the site to reach two million users. As of March 2015, more than 300 million individuals worldwide can send messages via Twitter.

Twitter users tend to be young, urban, and highly educated. In fact, you're almost certainly reading tweets from someone who is young, urban, and highly educated. According to a 2014 Pew Research Center survey, 24 percent of American adults include Twitter in their daily life. That includes 8 in 10 millennials (78 percent) and 6 in 10 Gen Xers (61 percent). Only half of baby boomers (52 percent) use Twitter regularly.

By comparison, only 40 percent of Americans over the age of 65 say they use Twitter. And only 28 percent of African Americans and 27 percent of Hispanics say they use Twitter.

Women are more likely than men to use Twitter.

What is the percentage of people who use Twitter?

As of January 2021, 61.6 percent of Twitter audiences in the United States were male, while 38.4 percent were female. According to a February 2019 poll of social media users in the United States, Twitter was the most popular... % of U.S. people who use Twitter in February 2021, by age group

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Who is Twitter’s target audience?

In February 2019, it was discovered that 38% of adults in the United States between the ages of 18 and 29 utilized Twitter. This age group has the largest viewership for the microblogging service in the United States, followed by a 27 percent use reach among 30 to 49-year-olds. Only 14 percent of users 50 years of age or older are on the platform.

Twitter's target audience is therefore young people, although this does not mean that it is only used by them. Rather, the site offers different features for each audience member, ranging from multi-user channels for students to include their friends in posts for personalization purposes for older users.

Additionally, Twitter's target audience includes people who might not otherwise use social media. According to the company, approximately half of all Americans have a social media account, which makes it one of the most popular services worldwide. However, many low-income individuals and minorities are excluded from some other online services due to lack of access or affordability. With its sign-up process being completely free, there is no financial barrier preventing these groups from joining the network.

Finally, Twitter's target audience includes people who might use other services but wish they could express themselves more creatively without writing long essays. With its limit of 140 characters, it is capable of capturing the quick thoughts of users who cannot spend too much time on their tweets.

What are the demographics of Twitter in the United States?

Twitter is used by 18-24 year olds in the United States. In the United States, Twitter has more teens than Whatsapp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit combined. When it comes to 65+ users in the United States, Twitter is just marginally behind Instagram (7 percent vs. 8 percent ).

Among all age groups, women use Twitter more than men. Women make up 60 percent of the user base on Twitter. Men are more likely to use other social networks instead.

White people are the most common race on Twitter. Black people follow White people on Twitter but are less likely to use Twitter itself. Hispanic or Latino people are next with 9 percent following white people. As for race, Asian people are the least likely to follow white people on Twitter.

Education is another factor that affects which networks people use. People who have not completed high school are most likely to use Snapchat, whereas people who have a college degree or higher are more likely to use Twitter.

In addition, people who make $50,000 or more per year are more likely to use Twitter than those who make less money. Finally, people who live in rural areas are less likely to use Facebook but more likely to use Twitter because there are fewer social networks available there. Overall, Twitter has half the number of users as Facebook but nearly one third the number of active users.

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