How many likes does my YouTube comment have?

How many likes does my YouTube comment have?

There is no way to know who liked your YouTube remark, and similarly, there is no way to see who downvoted you. For the sake of user safety and security, YouTube keeps these comment likes and dislikes secret, but it's a good guess that anybody who left a nice remark on your comment also liked it. Same thing goes for negative comments: Whoever left it probably disliked what they said.

In general, this feature is used by users when commenting on their own videos or channels. If someone likes or dislikes their comment, it will appear under their name in the related section of their profile page.

The number next to your comment indicates how many people liked it. You can see that some comments are liked by many people while others are not even read by anyone. There is no way to find out who commented on your video except through the email notification option available in your account settings page.

Your video description may contain hints as to why someone might have commented on it. If someone likes your comment, they will usually leave another one explaining why they like it. This may encourage other users to leave similar comments and help increase the visibility of your video.

You cannot contact users through this system, nor can you ask them to change their mind about something. If you want to engage with others through your comments, Facebook is the better platform for doing so.

Where do I find the comments I’ve liked on YouTube?

You may see all of the public comments you've made on YouTube. Navigate to Comment History. Click or press the content to return to the original location where you submitted your remark. You generally locate it by scrolling down through the comments area. Some commenters choose to hide their comments, so they won't appear next to the video they commented on.

Can you tell who liked your YouTube video?

No, YouTube maintains privacy between its users and you, so you won't be able to know who liked or hated your video. However, you can use the analytics tool to learn more about how many people visit your channel and what regions they come from.

Are likes and dislikes on YouTube comments anonymous?

YouTube forbids the sharing of like and dislike information in order to keep users safe. YouTube is concerned about its viewers' safety, which is why like and disliking may be done anonymously. While this is generally a good thing, it does mean that content creators cannot see what comments they are getting.

Some countries may have laws that prohibit posting someone's personal information online without their consent. In other countries there may be legal requirements that data be removed from sources after a certain period of time. YouTube has policies in place to ensure that this doesn't happen with comment information. For example, if a user posts an address, other users can't contact them directly via the website. Instead, they will be contacted through YouTube if they are still active on the site.

People share lots of information online that they would never share in person. Your name, phone number, and email address are all common details used in spam emails and other forms of advertising. People want to keep these types of messages away from their friends, so they use tools like Google+ to protect themselves.

You should also know that YouTube comments aren't just for comments. There are other features associated with them that content creators don't usually know about. For example, subscribers can send videos to their Lists/Channels so they don't miss out on future updates.

Why don’t I get likes on YouTube comments?

There are also likes on the other comments in the videos. The reason for this is that others do not believe your statement was deserving of it. Take, for example, Quora upvotes. People will not upvote your remark if they do not think it entertaining or instructive. Likewise, YouTube likes require an audience.

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Likes are important factors in determining what content gets seen by most viewers. If you want to increase the number of views on your videos then you should try to get more likes. This will allow your comments to be seen by more people which in turn may lead to more views.

People spend a lot of time commenting on videos. Therefore, it's important that these comments are relevant and make sense. This might not be the case for everyone, but some people will not like comments that contain vulgar language or inappropriate images. If this happens to you, then maybe consider removing those comments altogether?

Some users will also like comments written by other users in order to promote themselves or their videos. These likes will appear in the user's profile page along with their own comments. Users should not expect to receive lots of likes this way though. The only way to earn real likes from other users is through social interaction!

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