How does Facebook know I have two accounts?

How does Facebook know I have two accounts?

Facebook may still discover numerous personal accounts by utilizing digital fingerprints upon registration and afterwards when you actively use these accounts. These are recorded every time you go online and potentially reveal your web browser's identification. The social network also claims it can determine which accounts belong to the same person based on their behavior, for example, if you're logged into one account while viewing a page that requires login to another.

If you have two separate email addresses for work and private use, Facebook knows which one you use for which purpose. And if you use your work email address for private purposes as well, then Facebook will know this too. Finally, if you have several different ways of logging in to Facebook (such as your phone number or email address), they will know which one you use for which purpose too.

You can see what information about you is known to Facebook at You can change some aspects of your Facebook privacy settings at Note that certain changes cannot be applied retroactively therefore if you want to prevent Facebook from knowing certain details about you, you should do so in advance rather than waiting until you need to log in.

What makes a Facebook account unique to a person?

(Within reason, of course.) The email address is what distinguishes a Facebook account. Each account has a single email address that serves as the account's login identifier (think "user name"). While there aren't many Leo Notenbooms in the world, there are plenty of John Smiths. Email addresses are unique because they're usually created for only one person at a time.

In addition to the email address, certain other information can also be used to identify accounts. This includes phone numbers and IP addresses, but only if you know how to search the database files behind Facebook pages. There are some tools available online that can help you do this; we'll discuss those later in the book.

As far as we know, there is no way to make an existing account belong to someone else. If you have an account and want it to represent someone else, you will need to create a new account with the correct information.

It is possible to use more than one email address on a Facebook account. These additional emails are called "verified emails" and allow you to separate your personal from your professional life on the site. You can choose which emails count as verified upon setting up each address. For example, you could set up "" as verified for your work email and leave "" un-checked meaning it won't count as a verified email address.

What does "account warning" on Facebook mean?

If you got a Facebook warning letter claiming that their computers have discovered that you have numerous accounts, you are not in risk of losing your account at this time. However, it is recommended to check your email inbox regularly for updates from Facebook.

Can an anonymous Facebook account be traced?

While Facebook requires users to give their real names when creating an account, some users use pseudonyms instead to conceal their genuine identities. Fortunately, Internet users are never entirely anonymous, and if the matter is significant, you can learn someone's true identify. Read on to find out how.

How do you confirm your Facebook account?

When you click the "Sign Up" button, Facebook sends you an email requesting that you confirm your account. In other words, Facebook is verifying that you are the owner of your e-mail address. Go to your e-mail and check for that message to prove that you are, in fact, you and that the e-mail address is, in fact, yours. If you can't find the message, then it's probably not from Facebook.

Can you have two Facebook accounts in 2020?

Don't have more than one Facebook account The major reason for this is that Facebook does not allow users to have more than one personal account—doing so is against their Terms of Service. If they discover you have two personal accounts, they will terminate both. However, if you are using one account for work and another for personal purposes, then it's okay to have multiple accounts.

You can still use multiple devices to access Facebook, but you cannot log into more than one account from within the same browser session. This means that if you are on and want to post something, you can only do so from the device that is logged into your main account. Any additional posts will require you to log out of the first account and log back in with the second account.

This restriction was introduced in 2018 to prevent users from having more than one social media account linked to their Facebook profile. Previously, users could have as many other accounts linking to Facebook as they wanted. But in 2018, Facebook changed its policy and now only allows a single social media account to be linked to a user's profile at any given time.

The reason why this change was made is because researchers found a way to identify which account users were active on by looking at which devices were accessing the web site. By allowing only one account to be linked to a profile, Facebook reduces the risk of fraud when users sign in from different devices.

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