How do you see what someone has commented on Facebook?

How do you see what someone has commented on Facebook?

If you know the name of a certain person, you may enter "comments made by" in the Facebook search field. The search results can be narrowed down using the filters on the left. However, it appears that this produces more information on people on your buddy list or fellow group members. If you want to see what others have said about items such as movies or books, use the Tag feature.

Can you see non-friends that view your Facebook?

When you access or the Facebook app, you may see a crawlable list of individuals along with a "Add friend" button. Yes, you receive the individual who may have lately viewed your Facebook profile. There is no way to remove these friends, but they will not appear in your news feed unless you add them again.

What does it mean when you get a friend suggestion notification on Facebook?

People You May Know proposes people you might be interested in adding as Facebook friends. Friends suggestions are derived from sources such as contacts you or someone you may know who have been posted to Facebook and Messenger.

If you receive a friends suggestion notification, you will see a list of potential friends highlighted inside a box. These are people who others on Facebook think you may want to connect with. Some of them could be actual friends while some may not be. There is no way to tell unless you click on their profile. However, there are several things that can change the state of these friendships- changing your relationship status, removing someone from your list, commenting on one of their posts, etc.

Why would anyone else want to be my friend on Facebook? People may suggest new friends if they find connections between you both. For example, if you both work at Google, then maybe they too work at Google! When someone adds you as a friend on Facebook, you'll see their profile information including any photos they've shared on Facebook. If you want to add them as a real-life friend, you can do so by clicking the "x" next to their name and selecting the option "not now." Alternatively, if you decide you don't want to be friends after all, just remove them from your list by clicking on their name and choosing "remove."

Can you see when a friend requests you on Facebook?

The Facebook Support Team The date you got a friend request cannot be seen, however your Activity Log will show you the dates you became friends with someone or issued someone a friend request. By choosing "More" beneath Comments on the left menu, you may access the "Friends" filter. This will allow you to view the list of all your friends and identify which ones have requested friendship from you and why.

Does Facebook suggest you as a friend if you look at someone’s profile?

People you may know do not offer friend recommendations based on your present location, information from third-party applications, or search history. People on Facebook will not be aware that you have searched for them or viewed their page. However, they may still decide to add you as a friend.

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