How do you request someone to follow you on Twitter?

How do you request someone to follow you on Twitter?

You can use this way to request that the individual follow you, although Twitter does not advocate it. To mention the user, include his name anywhere in your tweet. When members are referenced in the tweets of other users, Twitter alerts them. They may or may not follow the sender's advice.

Can you ask for followers on Twitter?

Log in to Twitter and go to the user's profile you want to follow. Enter a message asking a follow inside the "Tweet to" box. Press the "Send message" button.

What’s the best way to reply to someone on Twitter?

Link to one (or more) users in a tweet to your followers. In a reply or retweet, include one or more users. Anyone you mention in a tweet will be alerted, regardless of how you utilize mentions—unless your account is secret and they aren't following you. A single user can be mentioned multiple times in a single post; every time you refer to that user, they'll be notified.

Here are some examples of replies on Twitter:

@user1 Thanks! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying the book! Taylor

@user2 Yes, the book is great! I really enjoyed it!

If you want to say more than just "thanks" or "yes," then you should include additional information in your reply. This could be another link to something interesting, a quote, or anything else that would make sense in a conversation with one other person. Additional users can also be added to a conversation this way.

Here are some examples of retweets on Twitter:

RT @user1: Awesome! I'm sure your students will love it too!

RT @user2: Yup, the book is awesome! I read it last month for my AP English exam and it helped me remember so much about poetry!

How do you ask questions on Twitter?

To direct the inquiry to a specific individual, type "@" followed by their Twitter username. While the tweet remains accessible to all of your followers, this notifies the intended receiver that the query is for him. If they want to reply directly, they can do so by starting their response with the same character as their username (or "x"). If you're looking for a more general answer, you can also use #TwitterQuestions. This tag allows you to post questions about using the service, and other users can answer them.

How do you tag someone in a tweet on Twitter?

You may tag a person in your Tweet by inserting the @ sign (traditionally used in email addresses) before his handle. When you do this, the other person gets alerted in his account's Mentions area. Many individuals use @mentions to communicate on Twitter. Any tweets that contain a @mention appear in the feeds of everyone who follows you. You can also send private messages to other users by using the @ symbol.

Do I have to join Twitter to follow someone?

You cannot follow someone on Twitter unless you first sign up for an account. To follow someone on Twitter, you must first create an account. After logging in to your account, you may search for other users and follow them by clicking the green "+Follow" icon on their profile page. Once they follow you back, you are all set to tweet chat with them.

Can a person message you if you don't follow them on Twitter?

When you activate the Receive Direct Messages from Anyone setting, anyone, even if you do not follow them, can message you. If you previously spoke with someone by Direct Message, that person can message you regardless of whether you follow them or not.

Anyone who follows the sender of a mention on Twitter will see the tweet in their home timeline. It will never display on anyone's profile page, unless they authored the message themselves.

When you submit a tweet, the username becomes a link to the account's profile page. Tweets that reference another account will not be displayed when you visit their profile page on Twitter. You may, however, search Twitter for tweets that include their username. Learn more about how to use Twitter search.

When you reply to someone who does not follow you, your tweet is not displayed in her usual timeline. She'll notice your response if she looks for all tweets targeted to her. Direct messages allow for private conversation.

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