How do you know who is stalking your Twitter?

How do you know who is stalking your Twitter?

Unlike Facebook, there is a means to find out how many people are watching your profile or tweets. Log in to Twitter's analytics website using your Twitter account. You'll see something similar to this. As you can see, I've tweeted 52 times in the previous 28 days. There have been about 400 people who have seen those tweets, which is not very many given my 10,000-plus follower count.

The site also tells me that of these 400 people, 32% are outside of the United States. This stalker is probably not going to stop harassing me any time soon!

Can I see who searched for me on Twitter?

You can see where they're from, what gender they reported to Twitter, and what language they speak. There's also a map that shows you where around the world people are most likely to follow you.

How can I see who is visiting my Twitter profile?

Unfortunately, there is no way to tell how many times your Twitter profile has been seen. Do profile visits include my trips to my Twitter profile? Twitter Analytics does not track your profile visits, and it does not track multiple visits from the same person. For example, if someone visits your profile and then their friend's profile, that single visit will only be recorded as one. However, if a second person visits both your and your friend's profile simultaneously, that would be counted as two separate visits.

The best way to find out how many people are viewing your profile is by using the analytics tool provided by Twitter. Click on the "Analytics" button next to your name at the top of your screen. Then click on the "View Analytics" link. This will take you to a page that shows information about visits to your profile over time. It also allows you to compare visits to different profiles within your account.

Twitter Analytics does not record information about visitors to your profile page. Instead, it only shows information about users who have visited your profile page. To view detailed information about visits to any particular URL, you'll need to use another tool. has tools available for download that allow you to see how many times any given URL has been viewed on Twitter. They're called "Heat Maps" because they show usernames in colors based on how often they've clicked on links to each specific URL.

How can I track my followers on Twitter?

You may use this tool to see who has visited your Twitter profile and how frequently they have done so in the last week. Myfollowe is a free website that also offers Facebook profile tracking, which shows you who has viewed your Facebook profile. By using this service, you agree to release myfollowe from any liability arising out of your use of this service.

Is it possible to tell who viewed your Twitter profile?

Twitter Analytics is a useful tool for monitoring your account and obtaining detailed information about your profile. Still, you won't be able to know who saw your Twitter profile, but you will learn far more than you bargained for. You may have come across third-party programs that offer to expose anybody who visits your website. This feature is also available for those applications.

Who visited my Twitter profile? The application itself or someone using a computer connected to the Internet who entered your site through some other channel? In theory, anyone can visit your profile page by typing into their browser, but only users of the application will see your updates. If you want to find out who's visiting your profile page, review the user names of people who follow you. These are the only people who will see your updates until you block them (see below).

Are there any limitations on what I can do with Twitter Analytics? You cannot track users who use mobile devices or browsers other than Chrome or Firefox. Also, you cannot view any information about individuals who have recently deleted their accounts. Finally, you cannot see how many times your update was retweeted or replied to.

You can view statistics via email or online. To do this, just go to and log in.

How do I see all my followers on Twitter?

Check that you're logged in to your Twitter account. To access your personal details, click on your profile image (upper left). Your follower count will be rounded to the closest hundred in the upper right corner. When you click on it, you'll get a list of all your followers, as well as an actual follower count.

How do you see how many tweets someone has?

  1. To get the total Tweet count , you can use Trackmyhashtag – It is a Twitter analytics tool which can track any hashtag, keyword or account in real-time as well as historical.
  2. It can count Tweets posted during a specific period of time.

Can a Twitter account see who views your page?

It is not feasible to discover who is seeing your Twitter profile. Unlike LinkedIn, which allows you to see who clicks on your profile, Twitter does not provide this function. Direct engagement is the only way to know whether someone has even read your tweets. However, according to Twitter's rules, users cannot use the viewing count as part of their user experience.

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