How do you delete a conversation on Facebook?

How do you delete a conversation on Facebook?

The entire chat will be deleted as a result of this action. By clicking the "x" on the discussion list, you are simply archiving it; it will not be destroyed. If you want to permanently delete it, follow the steps below.

How do you delete all messages on Facebook?

You have the option of deleting messages one by one or deleting all Facebook chat messages at once. Choose the message to be deleted and then click the "Delete" button at the bottom. Click the "Delete" button at the bottom.

How do you delete all chats on Facebook?

1. Launch Facebook. 2. Navigate to the upper right corner of the screen and choose Messenger. 3. Click "See All" to open up Messenger in full-screen mode. 4. To access the menu, click Actions (the cogwheel icon at the upper right of the screen). 5. Click "Delete Communication" to get rid of the entire conversation with a specific contact. 6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 for any other conversations you want to delete.

How can I delete messages from a group chat on Facebook?

If you are the creator of the group chat, go to your group chat discussion tab ( chat conversation id here>) and then click the Delete Messages... option. Choice, check (tick) the messages you wish to remove in the chat box, and then click the Delete button. The messages will be removed from all participants' conversations with you.

How do you permanently delete conversations?

How to Delete a Conversation Forever

  1. Open the conversation you want to delete.
  2. Open Trash and select the conversation.
  3. Click the Delete permanently button at the top of the conversation.
  4. A warning will pop up to confirm permanent deletion or cancel action.

How do you delete your Facebook chat and message history?

Messages and Chat History Removal If you're concerned about keeping a record of some of your more private discussions, you may quickly remove them from Facebook. Simply sign in to your account and navigate to the Messages icon. Regular and chat messages are both saved here.

The normal message icon is located next to your chat heads (a square dialog box with a mini lightning bolt inside). To get a list of all your talks and chats, click on this symbol.

How to save the whole Facebook conversation with someone?

Ascend to the top. It will take some time, and all of the texts from the chat will be removed. Then you may enter the Archives to see the whole dialogue that has been stored. Second, on a computer, log in to your Facebook account, open messages, and choose the discussion you wish to preserve. The next step is similar to what we mentioned earlier: select "Save story" to copy the conversation into your clipboard.

How do you delete a message on Facebook?

You must click on these dots for the "delete" option to display on the screen, as illustrated in the figure above. To erase this exact message, click on the black box. Facebook would now like to confirm with you whether or not you truly wish to remove this communication. If you are sure, click on the "Remove" button.

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