How do peers influence your personality?

How do peers influence your personality?

Peers, or a group of people with similar interests, age, history, or socioeconomic standing, may be a valuable source of knowledge, feedback, and support for individuals as they build a sense of self. Peers assist in socialization by reinforcing or punishing behaviors or interpersonal interactions. They also provide role models who can help individuals make choices about how to act toward others.

The friends you keep define your personality. Your personality is shaped by your relationships with other people. It is what makes you unique among your friends--or not. You get to choose whom you want to spend your time with, so it only makes sense that they would have an impact on who you become as a person.

Your personality is one of those things that is difficult to change once it has formed. However, this does not mean that you are stuck with it forever. While some traits are hardwired into your brain and cannot be erased, such as gender differences in behavior, most traits can be altered through learning experiences. So although your friends influence your personality, you can still choose who you want to hang out with and learn from over time.

What is a peer group? How do they shape your behavior?

Peers, especially group members, serve as crucial social referents. Individual members' opinions and behaviors on numerous cultural and societal issues, such as drug use, violence, and academic accomplishment, are also influenced by peer groups. And even the formation and display of bias such as racism can be affected by one's perception of what peers think about a subject.

People tend to act like their peers. If most of your friends drink alcohol, then you will probably start drinking alcohol too. If most of your classmates wear makeup, then you will probably begin wearing makeup too. This is called "acting like your peers." This phenomenon has many other names including "copying the majority" or "following the herd."

Peer pressure can cause individuals to engage in harmful behaviors that they would otherwise avoid. For example, if most of your friends go out on weekends, then you are more likely to want to go out too. If most of your classmates drink alcohol, then you will probably begin drinking alcohol too.

The media that an individual consumes may influence him or her to have certain beliefs or behaviors. For example, if most of the movies that your friend likes are violent, then he or she is likely to be violent too. If most of the television shows that you watch focus on crime, then you are more likely to commit crimes too.

How do peers influence your development as a person?

Peers have a profoundly good impact on one other and play essential roles in each other's lives, even if you don't hear much about it: friendship. Friendship and acceptance may be found among peers, as well as the sharing of experiences that can lead to long-lasting ties. Examples of Successful Relationships: groups like the Beatles or the Monkees; many sports teams have an owner who is not involved in the action of the game but controls important aspects of the team's life such as finances. The owner may even hire and fire coaches or managers.

Peers also provide support when you need it most, such as when you're facing challenges or trying to make decisions that affect others. This support can come in the form of just being there with someone to talk to or even just to listen, or it can be more active, such as helping you with a problem at school or offering advice on what to do. It can be someone who has gone through something similar yourself, or it can be someone who has more experience than you do now but who you look up to. In any case, peers are important partners in your development as a person.

Furthermore, peers act as role models by which people judge how they should live their own lives. If you see someone who behaves in a certain way, whether positively or negatively, this will always influence you to want to behave the same way too.

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