How do old men treat Santiago?

How do old men treat Santiago?

What are the elderly men doing to Santiago? Some mock him, while others feel sorry for him. You just finished 14 terms of study! What can you expect?

Old men tend to behave in one of two ways towards a young man like Santiago: they may ridicule him or they may feel sorry for him. If he is rich, some older men may try to take advantage of him; if not, then they will try to help him out. Either way, old men don't usually form relationships with other people - they prefer to be alone.

In conclusion, old men tend to be lonely. They may find companionship with other old men or they may not. It all depends on their circumstances.

Why is Manolin loyal to Santiago?

Santiago and Manolin also have mutual regard for one another. Santiago admires Manolin's willingness to carry on his heritage and trusts him to do so. Santiago falls in love with Manolin and regards him as a son. When asked why he remains loyal to Santiago, after being imprisoned for killing an officer who raped his wife, Manolin replies: "Because you are not a murderer".

They both go to jail at the same time but are released on bail. While out on bail, they meet up with other prisoners who want to kill Castro for revenge. However, neither man will join them; instead, they help them escape from prison. After their escape, they hide out in a farm owned by Manolin's family. Here, they plan their next move together.

Castro dies soon after their meeting with another prisoner who works for him. This prisoner tells them that Castro was planning to arrest many high-ranking officers including General Pinochet. He also says that Santiago is not dead but rather has been hiding under an assumed name. Manolin decides to go back to Chile while still under cover of night to find out if this is true.

On his way back to Chile, Manolin is captured by American soldiers but is later released when they realize he is not a threat. Upon his return home, Manolin learns that Santiago has been elected President.

How does Santiago struggle in the Old Man and the Sea?

Throughout The Old Man and the Sea, Santiago suffers much. He has gone eighty-four days without catching a fish in the first chapters of the novel and has become the laughingstock of his little community. He then undergoes a lengthy and arduous battle with the marlin, only to have his prized catch annihilated by sharks. All of this happens before he even has a chance to sell his fish.

Santiago sacrifices much for what he believes is right. He gives up many opportunities that would have made him money but hurts his soul. At one point, he is so consumed by hatred that he tries to kill a shark just because it is swimming near his boat. This shows how low humanity can fall when trying to defend itself.

In the end, however, all of Santiago's suffering is worth it. Not only does he recover the most important thing in his life (his pride) but also finds redemption when he realizes that life is more valuable than money. Money cannot buy happiness, only give you the power to do bad things.

This story teaches us that life is precious and we need to stop wasting it on nonsense. If you want to succeed at fishing, go after bigger fish. The biggest fish are usually caught by people who are not looking to make money but to explore their environment and have some fun. They use creativity instead of technology and try to enjoy themselves while doing what they love.

How does the old man gain Santiago’s trust?

What is the elderly man's strategy for gaining Santiago's trust? The guy earns Santiago's trust by scribbling in the sand the names of individuals he knows and things he has never told anybody. The elderly guy was well aware that Santiago desired the merchant's daughter. He just wanted to see how far he could push him before he was found out.

Santiago decides to keep the old man as a servant. The two of them travel together to Mexico, where they meet up with an even older man named Matamouros. He too has been sent on a mission by the king of Spain. The four men travel together to Peru, where they meet another ancient person named Hernando de Soto.

In each country they visit, the old man writes down names of people who can help the Spanish conquerors win over the locals. At the end of their journey, they return to Spain with a large number of prisoners. The old man died without revealing his secret mission but we know from history books that all of these people were very useful to the Spanish in winning over other countries to their kingdom.

So the old man succeeded in gaining everyone's trust except perhaps for that of the king of Spain, but since he didn't reveal his secret it means he must have loved his country too much to betray it.

What are Santiago’s values?

What matters most in life, according to Santiago, is to live with great fervor and nobility according to his beliefs, to use his skills and nature's gifts to the best of his ability, to struggle, endure, and redeem his individual existence through his life's work, to accept inevitable destruction with dignity, and to pass on...

Santiago lives by these principles. He is a priest who serves as pastor of a small parish in a poor neighborhood of Santiago. He holds regular services for his congregation in an old church that they own.

He is also a man of deep faith and devotion to God who believes that His will must be done even if this means suffering. For this reason, he faces death with calmness and courage, even though he is very ill.

Finally, Santiago is a just man who loves justice and hates evil. He fights against poverty and discrimination because they are wrong. He cares about others too; remember how he comforted the young boy during his father's funeral?

Santiago's life is full of wisdom and goodness. It teaches us that we should respect other people's beliefs, but not worship idols. It shows that true happiness cannot be found in material things. It proves that even though priests can become rich, they shouldn't forget their responsibilities at home and in the community.

Santiago lived around the 10th century AD.

What kind of man is Santiago?

Santiago Santiago, the novella's titular character, is a Cuban fisherman who has had a string of terrible luck. Despite his ability, he has not caught a fish in eighty-four days. Frustrated, he throws his rod into the water and goes inside to have a drink. While there, he meets an old friend named Antonio who asks him if he would like to go fishing with him. Impressed by Santiago's courage, Antonio invites him to stay for dinner.

At dinner, they talk about past times when they were boys together at a school where they both lived. They also discuss politics and society's changes over time. Throughout the conversation, it becomes clear that Antonio loves Santiago like a brother and wants to help him find happiness. When asked why he has been so unlucky with fish, Santiago replies that maybe it is because of the four evil spirits that live in his boat. He says that if he could only get rid of them, then he might be able to catch a big fish again.

Antonio tells Santiago that it is time for him to leave but first offers to take him to see some of his favorite places near shore. As they walk, they pass by many beautiful beaches with tall trees next to them. Then, they come to a cemetery where several of Antonio's family members are buried.

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